Meg Hinklein thought her Zelda amiibo was a bit of a fixer upper, so with the help of paint and of course glitter, she transforms Princess Zelda into Queen Elsa from Walt Disney’s Frozen. We’ve seen a few customized amiibo before, but being the huge Disney fan I am, this one is my favorite. I never would have thought to combine the design of the two royals, but it works exceptionally well.

zelda amiibo front



While this amiibo won’t grant Zelda any magical ice powers during Smash or Hyrule Warriors, it’s a cool addition to any amiibo collection. What amiibo would you like to see Disney-fied –perhaps the Wii Fit Trainer as Elastigirl from The Incredibles?

  • Brett ‘Majin’ Walford

    Diggin’ it!

  • Shannon Ophelia Vantas

    …Ganon never bothered her anyway.

  • Blobsy

    Beymax armour for Megaman would look funny.

    • Amanda

      Megaman as Hiro from Big Hero 6 would work really well!

  • CEObrainz

    Really nice, all these custom amiibo’s are really looking good.

  • SphericalCrusher

    That looks amazing.

  • GuamGeek

    So… now Ocarina of Time ends with a musical number:

    “Let it go! Let it go! No ocarina anymore!
    Let it go! Let it go! Put the sword back, slam the door!
    I don’t care what you wish you’d say…
    Let time flow on… that fairy always bothered me anyway!”

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  • Sassie J

    I hate the fact that every ice princess design since Frozen has come out, has been an “Elsa mockup”. -_- Does this look like Elsa to you?

    Beautiful work, btdubz.