Many gamers remember playing iconic bosses in games; whether it was the first time facing off with Bowser in Super Mario Bros., taking down Mother Brain in Metroid, or surviving Ganon’s onslaught from The Legend of Zelda. Artist Nick Derington has created some unique artwork revolving around these memorable battles, and they look outstanding.

Boss Fight Art

You can purchase these pieces for $40 each, which is quite the deal since they are hand-printed, 4-color silkscreen posters, measuring 12 by 24 inches in size. What I find great about these pieces are the color schemes: the Bowser battle in an all-encompassing green, Ganon’s battle in a cool blue, and the epic Mother Brain battle in a strong red. Be sure to pick up one to grace the walls of your humble abode before they run out!

EDIT: Unfortunately, all three posters appear to currently be sold out. Hopefully, more stock will be created, as these are some very nice pieces.