Despite Aonuma’s veto, Tingle will be joining the battle roster in Hyrule Warriors thanks to the Majora’s Mask DLC pack launching February 5. The DLC was announced during this morning’s Nintendo Direct, and will also include Child Link who wields the Kokiri Sword and Fierce Deity mask.

tingle dance

Tingle proves he is suited for battle as he wipes out enemies using balloon power, and pummels them with a big honkin bag of Rupees. He takes “kill them with kindness” to a new level by planting his Fatal Kiss of Death on his enemies, and gets down with his bad self doing the Kooloo Limpah dance. I’ve been wanting Tingle to join Hyrule Warriors since day one, so today’s Direct made my dream come true!

child link and mask

Child Link may be adorable, but that doesn’t make him any less powerful. He effortlessly tears through hordes of Bokoblins with his Kokiri Sword. He’s also equipped with a big fan favorite: the Fierce Deity mask. Donning the mask unleashes tremendous power — those pesky baddies won’t stand a chance.

You can see Tingle and Child Link in action in the video below.