A product description of Majora’s Mask 3D on Amazon’s German website has revealed a new addition to the game: Feather Statues. According to a translation, “With the help of Owl Statues and the new Feather Statues, which can be found all over Termina, you can now save your adventure anytime you like.”

The save system in the Nintendo 64 version of Majora’s Mask has been oft-criticized by fans for being inconvenient. The only way to save the game was to either play the Song of Time or warp to an Owl Statue. Playing the Song of Time also reset the clock and took you back to the Dawn of the First Day, and while the Owl Statues made it possible to save in the middle of the three-day cycle, getting to and from them used up precious time.

We’re not sure exactly how the Feather Statues will work just yet. They might be fixed items or even something that Link can carry with him, which would be convenient for saving in the middle of dungeons. In the original, the Owl Statues were also used as warp points, allowing Link to quickly travel around Termina, and they will presumably retain this function in the 3DS version.

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  • TNTapples

    inb4 “waaah it should stay as it was, the original was more challenging ugh!”

    • Deva Ashera

      Which is funnier when you remember that the ‘original’ most people speak of was made easier then the ‘original original’ (aka Japanese version) since the Owl Statues only worked as teleportation spots in that version and didn’t allow quick saves.

  • Sebastian Rybak Dahlgren

    That is just bad

    • Deva Ashera

      I don’t see how. Its not like adding the Owl Statue Quick Saves to the Localized Versions of Majora’s Mask diminished anything (the only way to save in the original Japanese version was by playing the Song of Time).
      These feather statues likely work like the Owl Statues, except not as Warp Points and are likely only being included due to the handheld nature of MM3D, since the battery dying could end up as an issue and then you could easily reach a quick save instead of having to start the cycle all over again.

  • Talmor

    Maybe Feather Statues will just be Owl Statues without them being warp points? Perhaps I am just lacking imagination on what Feather Statues will possibly do….

    • Thomas Andersen

      I hope you are right!

    • Deva Ashera

      You’re probably dead on correct.

    • eByTech

      Perhaps they’ll be some sort of item even, like a collectable, and you get a limited number per cycle? That way it wouldn’t trivialize saving, but would still help with the inconvenience of warping to a statue (which really isn’t that much of an inconvenience).

  • CEObrainz

    Couldn’t you just put the 3DS in sleep mode whilst keeping the traditional saving system?

    • Deva Ashera

      Not if your 3DS is dying..that’s the most likely reason for these Feather Systems.
      Besides, the ‘traditional’ system wasn’t even the original..that was something added to the localized version. The only saving method in the Japanese version was the Song of Time way, there were no quick saving Owl Statues in that one.

      • CEObrainz

        Oh I didn’t realise that, I guess it makes sense then why they’d just introduce a new system that works better for the 3DS then….

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Honestly, why don’t they just add a save system like OoT had? what challenge does it really ruin for the game that people don’t already complain about now?

    • Talmor

      The save system of Majora’s Mask has an innate storytelling value. Adding in a save system like OoT would diminish it.

      • Zelda Fan Guy

        In what way at all, does it have a storytelling value?

        • That’s what I was wondering. I understand going back in time to save ties it to the story, but it in no way really eggects the story if the “save point” is simewhere else…

          • Alan Tweetie

            I think it’s more of a immersion value than storytelling. MM made it so that even if you messed up the current cycle, you could just restart (i.e. failing to save Romani Ranch or win the Goron races) but every time you did that, you would lose progress in the form of collected ammo and money as well as dungeon progress.

            You could’t just pause the game either and pick up where you left off after a couple of days (well you could by actually leaving the game on). Link was on a deadline every cycle and so was the player.

        • Talmor

          Alan Tweetie below has a point. It’s about the immersion, but immersion and storytelling go hand-in-hand. When telling a story, you
          want to immerse the audience so they feel a part of the story and
          connected to the characters, to the places portrayed.

          No detail is unimportant, even something like the save system. Time travel is the only way Link can save himself, to save everyone.

          • Michael Savard Paquet

            that the dumbness thing I have heard. It won’t change much to be able to ”owl save” on the go you still going to need to play the song of time at the end of the 3 days cycle or you loses everything.

            Also … is somebody pointing a gun at you … forcing to uses it ? no … it at you’re disposal … don’t like it … don’t use it !

          • Dustin Kyle Berezowski

            I’m not sure how what Talmor said was the dumbest thing you’ve heard is, but it most certainly isn’t.

            MM for the 64 was designed to be played with a sense of tension. You were racing against the clock to save Termina. By not being able to save wherever and whenever you want, you had to make choices in advance for how you were going to handle things.

            With being able to save anywhere, you lose that sense of tension – it’s no longer a race against time – its just OoT set in a different place with some more side quests.

            While I understand why Nintendo is doing it this way (to appeal to new Zelda gamers), I can also see where people who enjoyed the original for it’s atmosphere are coming from.

            Does that mean they have to use it – of course not. But not being able to save anywhere at anytime was a part of the overall storytelling of the original game so before you go ranting about it, maybe think first because I, and I’m sure plenty of other people, agree with Alan Tweetie and Talmor.

    • Deva Ashera

      The Ocarina of Time saving style wouldn’t work with Majora’s Mask due to the 3 Day Cycle.
      In Ocarina of Time, it didn’t matter the time it took to get from where you started from to where you left off, but that’s much more vital in Majora’s Mask.

  • Ryan Haney

    “…you can now save your adventure anytime you like.”
    The only thing I didn’t like about MM was the save system.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    aaawwwww! one of the things I loved most about MM as one of my top 5 Zelda games was how challenging and different it was! and going back in time to save or owl statues for a temp save was part of that challenge I liked so much! I mean you could save at owl statues before, (tho I’d often forgotten that) and we don’t know where feather statues will be or how they work exactly. so I guess we’ll see.

    • Jonathan Lahdo

      I highly doubt that these new ‘feather statues’ will be essential to gameplay. You’ll surely be able to play as you did the original by only using the owl statues, while the feather statues are more geared towards newer players or veterans looking for a bit of convenience.

    • Deva Ashera

      Honestly, I never judge a game’s ‘difficulty’ based on how you save..besides, the Feather Statues are likely just there due to the handheld nature of the remake, since running out of battery before being able to reach an owl statue but also not wanting to lose your progress for that Cycle could come into play.

  • Interesting. The original Japanese version didn’t even allow you to save at owl statues. The only way you could save was through playing the song of time. But unlike the American version of the game, the Japanese version had three save slots.

    • Brandon Begg

      You can’t save your progress at them, they only enabled you to take a break and shut the game off to resume later. The only way to actually save your progress was to play the song, which for me was always nerve-racking on the GCN version since it was always prone to freezing.

      • The Japanese version won’t let you save/pause/resume from owl statues at all, they were only there for warping. They added that little bit into the American version of the game, but that little bit took up enough memory that the cartridge could not hold three save files which is why the American version only has two save files while the Japanese version has three.

        • Brandon Begg

          Interesting, always wondered why we had two.

      • Deva Ashera

        That is likely what these Feather Statues will end up doing.
        Quick Saves are still Saves.

  • Thomas Andersen

    I will get the game, I will play it, I will love it.. but im glad I still got my old version, cause Im not that happy about all the Changes.. I guess Im conservative like that.. but yes, I will enjoy playing it a lot, even with all the changes, that will take place! Especially the changing of the Bombers Notebook, so to Make Sure people dont miss some of the Quests(reducing the need for exploration and adventuring).. that change is not very welcomed in my.. bombers notebook! But ah well..

  • Andrew DeCaire

    People who are saying “It’s easier so it’s ruined!”

    Difficulty does not make the game, the game’s enjoyment is based on well… enjoyment. The harder a game is, the less fun it is. Though if it’s too easy it’s not fun either. I mean, my brother says “Castlevania 1 is the best because it’s the most difficult” while I would disagree and prefer “Super Castlevania IV” or “Symphony of the night” as being better because while they’re hard, they’re not too hard to the point that the difficulty is the only defining feature. Being more difficult does not automatically equal “fun” or even “enjoyable” for everyone.

    • Talmor

      Easy doesn’t automatically equal “fun” or “enjoyable” for everyone either.

      I’d like the ability to choose a difficulty setting at the beginning of the game (I don’t want to have to play through once to unlock the higher difficulty mode). Higher difficulties are more enjoyable for me, as I like the triumph of winning the right to move on to the next part of the story.

      I consider the difficulty a part of my immersion experience with the game, because I know it wouldn’t be easy to go through the sort of things the characters do if I really were in their shoes. So yeah, for me, an easier game does actually ruin something for me.

      • Andrew DeCaire

        Like I said, it shouldn’t be too hard or too easy, but a balance :3

        • Talmor

          It’s kind of a point-of-view though, don’t you think? What a good balance is made of?

          My preferred balance tends to sheer over into the harder spectrum, where I’ve died a couple of times and I have to think more creatively or strategically to get through a challenge. If I get through everything on the first go, I don’t feel challenged.

          Nintendo feels like they skew off into the easier side of the spectrum. To me at least. Perhaps it’s because I do prefer things on the harder side of the spectrum.

          • Andrew DeCaire

            That’s a good balance to have :3 challenging but just challenging enough.

  • Jozz Ramirez

    I never saved my games with the Owl Statues, so i don’t give a damn about this feather statues 😉

  • Michael Savard Paquet

    It the ”owl save systeme” but on the go. it a check point … save and quit…. what so hard to get !! you will still need to play the song of time at the end of 3 days or you loses everything … man people complain about everything they can.

    Don’t like it ? don’t use it ! or play the original one.

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