A product description of Majora’s Mask 3D on Amazon’s German website has revealed a new addition to the game: Feather Statues. According to a translation, “With the help of Owl Statues and the new Feather Statues, which can be found all over Termina, you can now save your adventure anytime you like.”

The save system in the Nintendo 64 version of Majora’s Mask has been oft-criticized by fans for being inconvenient. The only way to save the game was to either play the Song of Time or warp to an Owl Statue. Playing the Song of Time also reset the clock and took you back to the Dawn of the First Day, and while the Owl Statues made it possible to save in the middle of the three-day cycle, getting to and from them used up precious time.

We’re not sure exactly how the Feather Statues will work just yet. They might be fixed items or even something that Link can carry with him, which would be convenient for saving in the middle of dungeons. In the original, the Owl Statues were also used as warp points, allowing Link to quickly travel around Termina, and they will presumably retain this function in the 3DS version.

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