CosmoWright has been the reigning Ocarina of Time speedrun champion, finishing the game in 18 minutes and 10 seconds. No one has even come close to breaking that record … until now. Swedish gamer Jodenstone rang in the New Year on a winning note, playing through the game in a record-breaking 18 minutes and 7 seconds.

Jodenstone managed to tie Cosmo’s time back in December, after spending the majority of 2014 perfecting his speedrun, shaving off seconds each time. While Jodenstone defeated Cosmo by a mere 3 seconds, the gap between what is now the third place spot is much wider. According to the Zelda Speedruns leaderboardSkater87796 played through the game in 18 minutes and 50 seconds. Skater once held the record for fastest speedrun until Cosmo took that title back in March of 2014.

Cosmo showed respect and good sportsmanship, taking to Twitter to congratulate Jodenstone on his victory. Will Cosmo blast through to reclaim his crown, or will Jodenstone go on to break his own record? You can watch Jodenstone’s speedrun below.

  • Anibal

    I’m sure they’ll keep at it until they tie at the fastest humanly possible time

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  • Thor Ole Olaussen

    What is the world record for beating the game the normal way?

    • Sebastiaan

      beating the game glitchless any% is 3h46m

      • Alex Danielski

        Any chance you know the link to watch this?

        • Sebastiaan

          in fact I have:

  • disqus_fGM8MYOjFv

    congratulations on ruining a beautiful game try beating a game properly

    • Adam Reber

      World record for glitchless run is 3h46m I believe. This is an any% run and is in a completely different category. Perhaps you should learn about a community before you are quick to judge?

      • Zelda Fan Guy

        But… what’s the point to beat it as an any% or with glitches?

        A simple bragging right that actually means absolutely nothing?

        • James

          It’s all about how well you can exploit the glitches of a game.

        • Adam Reber

          Because it is a category. Why do people throw javelins hundreds of yards? Because there is a scoreboard and some people like competing for the top spot. I enjoy doing these kinds of glitches and I have played and beaten OOT at least several hundred times legitamtely.

        • Kiro

          Beating the game normally is the exact same thing except it’s much easier. OoT is a snoozefest without these glitches. Also much more difficult to do this run then to beat the game “normally”

    • copke

      Congratulations on being an ignorant child.

  • Alexis Nicole Siracusano

    This is rad. Didn’t think it was possible! Bravo, my friend.

  • Jordan Smith

    Congrats! I used to watch allot of Cosmo’s speed runs (blindfolded play through was amazing) and I’m sure this will only make him more dedicated now that he’s got a time to beat again!

  • Dickie Richards

    Congratulations! This is what happens when you have no interest in sexuality.

    • copke

      Congratulations! This is what happens when you take no interest in another entirely seperate culture of gamers and post something rude and disrespectful to millions of people around the world!

      • Dickie Richards

        millions? really?

    • Daigure

      I don’t know about Jodenstone, but Cosmo’s girlfriend was there when he beat the world record.

  • Eduardo Cataño de Rostenkowski

    What a boring and pointless things to do. Taking away all the fun and exploiting glitches to reduce this máster piece to a fapping competition.

    • copke

      Shut up…. just… shut up.

      • Eduardo Cataño de Rostenkowski

        Those are my thoughts deal with them.

  • Damnyoubowie

    What a sick time shave! Super excited to see Cosmo and Joden’s runs to try and break this!

  • Lord Khellindros

    Impressive, and no offense meant, but I don’t consider anything ‘beat’ if you use glitches and don’t actually do very much. I play this game for the enjoyment of playing….this? this was pointless and in absolutely no way enjoyable. Just my opinion

    • Adam Reber

      That’s great that’s what YOU think. Doesn’t matter, the credits roll either way.

  • Nick

    is it just me or is this like, not impressive at all? unless hes looking through coding and exploiting it somehow, id imagine all hes doing is random stuff for a long time until it works for him… unless hes just copying the same strategy as the other guy. in which case thats not very impressive either…

    • Lynx

      Try to replicate everything he did with the same speed and precision for yourself, come back and tell me if it was easy.

      • Nick

        being impressed by something does not equal the difficulty of said thing. there are lots of hard things i do not care about. its difficult to accomplish this, sure, but theres no point to it, and the fact that hes not even playing the actual game makes it even more pointless. i dont imagine its a very easy thing to do, but it doesnt impress me in the slightest and its fine if it does you.

  • Brach Speicher

    So much hatred for what is essentially a beautiful run. Just be glad someone else is enjoying the game enough to dedicate time to creating records on said game.

  • Ian Blue Streak

    pretty lame, so they think they can get a pat on the back for playing a glitched version, these guys are stupid, id like to see a real non glitched version run

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