The wicked cool guys over at Vsauce3 recently uploaded an awesome stop-motion animation that details seven fun facts about the beloved Nintendo 64. There is a really good chance that at least one of these might surprise you or, if you’re a nerd like me, you just might already know them. Either way, the animation makes this short video a fun watch.

For those of you who might not be able to view the video, here’s the list of the seven facts mentioned in the animation:

  1. The N64 was the last home console to use game cartridges.
  2. Cartridges were more expensive to make than disks and on average cost $10 more than PlayStation games.
  3. The processor is 26x faster than that of the SNES.
  4. This processor could produce 16.76 million more colors than the SNES.
  5. The N64 controller was the first to include an analog stick since 1983.
  6. This was also the first controller to use the rumble feature.
  7. Nintendo set aside $80 million to give gloves to those who injured their hands playing Mario Party (i.e. me).

This tear down of the N64 was both informative and enjoyable. I, for one, feel the need to bring my console out of retirement. The virtual console just doesn’t have that nostalgic palm-ripping quality that many of us know and love.

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  • T. Gibson

    Nintendo 64 will always be my favorite, for three reasons:
    1. Ocarina of Time
    2. Perfect Dark
    3. Goldeneye

    I really need to get around to playing “Jet Force Gemini” had it for 14 years now never got around to playing it.

    • YRomero

      I so agree with you. Mario Kart, Mario Party and Mario 64 we also great games for the 64.

    • Richard Paisley

      1 and 3 are ssme but number 2 would b super mario 64 and jet force gemini was the bomb

  • Ty Bayn

    Awesome video! But that poor N64….

  • Richard Rahl

    A bit late.

  • HylianBadger25

    Definitely got a couple of those gloves. Tug of War was brutal in MP1. Wore away the palm of your hand so quick!