In an interview with the Associated Press, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned the option of Nintendo releasing certain discontinued amiibo in card form if they are no longer available at retailers, retaining the same functionality that the figurine versions have.

“We’re not making promises for certain figures, but the way “amiibo” is designed is that certain games can have “amiibo” specifically for that game. Other games can take advantage of past “amiibo” that developers want to make their game compatible with. In the future, we have the option, if certain “amiibo” figures are no longer available in stores, to release an “amiibo” in card form with the same functionality.”

With amiibo collectors ever so nervous after mass pre-order cancellations at Toys “R” Us and Nintendo neither confirming nor denying the fact that some amiibo may in fact be discontinued,  it is a relief to know that some amiibo will be available in one form or another in the future if they are in fact discontinued (Fox — I’m looking at you).

At this point though, it’s simply too early to tell. Nintendo isn’t giving us a clear answer and some of these charming figurines are becoming increasingly rare. Fox and Samus (this is directly from my own Target store) are no longer being carried by Target, one of the largest retail chains in the United States, and characters such as Captain Falcon were only available in a handful of Targets in the US this past week, with each store only receiving four Falcons per stock. It is uncertain as to when or even if they will be getting more of the character. Will this continue into the new year, or will amiibo be more readily available in the States following the holiday season?

We can only hope for the latter, along with a replenishment of Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer in stores, who are next to impossible to find.

Meanwhile, Link and Zelda are fairly common and make for wonderful holiday gifts if you still haven’t gotten your favorite gamer a present yet. Christmas Eve is upon us, so hurry up and finish your shopping!

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  • Ryan Haney

    I saw one Samus and one Fox in the Best Buy in Richmond, TX.

    • Morgan

      yeah. I don’t know about BB, but Target is flat out discontinuing both of them in stores. They told me that it doesn’t mean they’re not being manufactured anymore, just that they aren’t carrying them, most likely due to shelf space and the upcoming waves.

      After I heard this, I made sure to buy fox and samus quickly! The odd thing is though is that Fox is coming out with his own game next year; it makes no sense for Nintendo not to give him a plentiful stock into the new year.

    • Morgan

      Also, Ryan, are you a fellow amiibo hunter? 😛 because I am.

      • Ryan Haney

        So far I only have one, but I want more. I hinted about them, so we’ll see what’s under the tree. What does Samus gift in Hyrule Warriors?

        • doubleO7

          Everyone but Link and Zelda just gives a random item/weapon/rupees.

  • Amiibo have memory in them. I don’t know how they will manage to turn them into cards.

    • daantjuhw

      the NFC chips used in Amiibo can me extremely thin. so it’s very easy for nintendo to use them inside cards. I think the cards will be as thick or a little bit thicker than regular pokemon cards.

      • I wasn’t talking about the NFC chips. I’m talking about the actual memory. Information is stored on the amiibo.

        • daantjuhw

          the memory itself is extremely small and fits inside a regular nfc chip (that’s why you can only use saved data on one compatible game) and it’s just a small line of code with instructions for the amiibo-compatible game.

  • Doug1916

    I’m not really a fan of that idea