So as is now the habit of each day in our observance of this momentous occasion, we have additional lyrics of our song to share! Please enjoy today’s segment.

“On the ninth day of Zelda-mas, my princess gave to me:
Nine hard levels,
Eight Siren Instruments,
Seven years transpired,
Six Sage Medallions,
Five Golden Bees,
Four Mirror Shards,
Three Goddess Pearls,
Two Kinstone halves,
And a quest from the Great Deku Tree.”

The phrase “nine hard levels” refers to the nine dungeons that are found in the original entry of the Zelda franchise, The Legend of Zelda. During the First Quest of the game, the shape of each dungeon when looking at each individual map resembles a different, albeit familiar, shape, though no dungeon appears to have a particular theme inside. The nine dungeons found in the Second Quest of the game are located in different places in the overworld and form different shapes than those of First Quest. To honor this founding game of the franchise, have a listen to YouTube user Blake’s Cello‘s version of the original Legend of Zelda’s dungeon theme.