Lo, today we reach the two-thirds mark of the Zelda-mas countdown. Today thusly delivers unto us our eighth portion of the celebratory song.

“On the eighth day of Zelda-mas, my princess gave to me:
Eight Siren Instruments,
Seven years transpired,
Six Sage Medallions,
Five Golden Bees,
Four Mirror Shards,
Three Goddess Pearls,
Two Kinstone halves,
And a quest from the Great Deku Tree.”

The Eight Instruments of the Sirens — the Full Moon Cello, the Conch Horn, the Sea Lily’s Bell, the Surf Harp, the Wind Marimba, the Coral Triangle, the Organ of Evening Calm, and the Thunder Drum — are the eight instruments Link must collect in Link’s Awakening. It is only when he gathers all eight instruments and plays them alongside his Ocarina that he may wake the Wind Fish and leave the island on which he has been stranded, Koholint Island. Together, the eight instruments and the ocarina join in the harmonious sounds of “The Ballad of the Wind Fish”, so to celebrate today, have a listen to YouTube user David Erick Ramos‘s version of “The Ballad of the Wind Fish.”