Another day, another new addition to our festive song. Set down your bags and take a second to enjoy the brand-new lyrics we have for you today!

“On the fifth day of Zelda-mas, my princess gave to me:
Five Golden Bees,
Four Mirror Shards,
Three Goddess Pearls,
Two Kinstone halves,
And a quest from the Great Deku Tree.”

The Golden Bee is a special insect that Link can catch in both A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. In the latter of these two games, Golden Bees may either be purchased by the Bee Guy in Skull Woods or, more rarely, caught in the same manner as normal Bees. On the other hand, the Golden Bees in A Link to the Past are only found in the Ice Cave on the east side of Lake Hylia and will follow Link for a longer period of time than normal Bees.

The Bees of A Link to the Past truly characterized much of the game, and what better way to celebrate a key entry in the Zelda series than with a medley of its various themes? Enjoy YouTube user FamilyJules7x‘s guitar medley.