The latest episode in the Did You Know Gaming? series highlights our favorite gaming franchise, The Legend of Zelda. Do you know the possible origins of the Triforce? Have you ever seen the hidden cutscenes found in the debug version of Majora’s Mask, revealing the Great Fairy teaching Link various moves? The video, featuring YouTube personality PeanutButterGamer, is a solid six minutes of interesting Zelda facts.

There were a few observations that I hadn’t heard before; my favorite being the fact that Eiji Aonuma had to be reminded the Zelda CD-i titles actually exist. There are quite a lot of other factoids throughout the video, such as characters from Skyward Sword being inspired by birds, possible Pikmin references in different Zelda titles, and that Miyamoto wanted to implement a party system similar to the Final Fantasy series.

Have a watch, and perhaps you’ll discover a few new facts about our beloved The Legend of Zelda series.