Video game composer and creator of Video Games Live, Tommy Tallarico, has been kind enough to exclusively share with us a mock-up demo of his newest Zelda arrangement. It has been put together by Video Games Live for their new Level 4 album. While the Kickstarter campaign for the album recently surpassed its initial goal of $150,000, Video Games Live is looking to raise anywhere from $250,000 to $285,000 in order to finance the ambitious project.

Set to include music from Nintendo classics such as Final Fantasy VI, Donkey Kong Country, and Ocarina of Time, this album isn’t just for Zelda or Nintendo fans — it’s for anyone with a passion for both video games and music.

The arrangement that we are about to share with you contains two of the most beautiful pieces in the entire series, “Zelda’s Lullaby” and “Ballad of the Goddess”. Although “Zelda’s Lullaby” first appeared in A Link to the Past, it was predominantly featured in Ocarina of Time as one of the main musical themes played throughout the game. It shares a very special relationship with “Ballad of the Goddess”, the main theme song of Skyward Sword, as “Ballad of the Goddess” is simply “Zelda’s Lullaby” played in reverse. In that sense, the two are literally opposites, providing for a very interesting musical contrast.

Tommy and Video Games Live thought that the dichotomy between the two melodies and their special relationship would be incredibly interesting to feature in a musical arrangement. While in the demo “Zelda’s Lullaby” is given generic “la la la” vocals, the final version will actually include full lyrics to accompany the classic piece. “Zelda’s Lullaby” has been arranged a number of different ways over the years, so it was the goal of Video Games Live to present this classic melody in a way that has never been heard before, showing off the true beauty of Princess Zelda’s theme.

While this demo is incredibly beautiful in its own right, it’s merely just that — a mock-up of the arrangement. It’s a far cry from what the fully orchestrated version will sound like, which makes me incredibly excited for what Video Games Live has in store for us when the final version is released alongside the Level 4 album this February!

Although Video Games Live has surpassed their goal of $150,000 to fund the project, they will still require additional funds to fully produce Level 4. On their Kickstarter page, Video Games Live has outlined what it will take to fund Level 4 in full, from the pricing of hiring the musicians all the way down to how much it will cost to produce copies of the new music being created.

The final version will actually include full lyrics

If you like what you hear from this mock-up, believe in the project, and love video game music, you can be a part of a very special cause and become a backer today to help finance the production of the album. Not only will you support an incredible project being put together by some of the most talented musicians in the video game industry, but you will even be rewarded for it, with a myriad of different reward packages being offered by Video Games Live to those who back the Kickstarter. You have to act fast though, as the Kickstarter ends this Friday at 5pm PST.

I know I’m proud to say that I backed the Level 4 album, even before hearing a shred of what would come from it. I have to say, this incredible arrangement of the most beautiful piece of music in the Zelda series has assured me that my money was well placed.