When we last featured Heroic Replicas — a small team of passionate designers and hobbyists who aim to recreate replicas of fantasy as accurately as possible — we showcased their stunning Skyward Sword Master Sword replica. This time, they’re back with something equally (if not more) impressive: a meticulous model of Dark Link’s sword.

The creators call it “The Blade of Evil’s Reign”

Before we get onto the sword itself, the best part is that this replica was donated to Desert Bus for Hope, the “world’s longest running internet-based fundraiser” and an amazing charity organisation who raise money for Child’s Play. It will be granted as a very special prize as part of Desert Bus’ livestream give-aways tomorrow, November 19.

Weighing in at 5 lbs heavy and unsheathed at 42″ long, the creators call it “The Blade of Evil’s Reign”. Damn that’s a cool name; I wish that was canon! The website describes it as a “truly terrifying blade”, and rightfully so.

Tune in to the livestream below, and you could be in with a chance of winning this breathtaking blade! The length of each Desert Bus marathon is solely determined by the amount donated to the cause; so the more you donate, the longer it runs. You can see more details on this on the Desert Bus website.

Watch live video from DesertBus on www.twitch.tv

That’s not all. If you donate at least $19.86 (which Heroic Replica explains represents “1986”, the year that the original Legend of Zelda launched — clever!), you will be given a $100 discount on Master Sword replicas. Again, we have featured these replicas in the past, and to call us overwhelmed by their quality would be an understatement.