From today until November 22, Toys “R” Us is holding a deal on all of their Amiibo figures, where you can purchase any three for $30. According to Twitter user @NintendoTweet, Amiibo figures are normally $13.99, so taking advantage of this deal will save you around $12. Although these figures aren’t set to release until the November 21, you can still pre-order them at this rate.

I know I’ll be picking up Link, Pikachu and Mario. I can’t wait until January, when Toon Link and Sheik hit shelves.

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  • Quiteblank

    So.. I’m pretty sure those are all sold out now thanks to this deal. Also, Smash Bros for Wii U appears to be as well (they have a deal where it comes with an amiibo). Granted, this is just in my area, so, if it’s available in yours still, you might want to act fast.

    • Ryan Haney

      I’m glad I preordered, then. 😀

  • Jason

    I’m having a lot of problems trying to get the Toys R Us deal to work. I’ll try again tomorrow, but the site doesn’t let me add more than one Amiibo to my cart.