One great thing about the new Amiibo range from Nintendo is that they are not locked to specific games, much like Skylanders or Disney Infinity figurines. That being said, I doubt many of us ever thought that we could ever use a Mario Amiibo in Hyrule Warriors. Think again!

We know that the Link Amiibo unlocks the Spinner but we were not quite sure what Princess Zelda’s special weapon would be. Thanks to Nintendo, we now know more details about how Amiibo will work with Hyrule Warriors.

The Zelda Amiibo will unlock weapons that are rated three stars or higher. All you have to do is tap the Zelda Amiibo to your Wii U GamePad once per day. Nintendo has also confirmed that players will be able to use any Amiibo character with Hyrule Warriors. Much like the Zelda Amiibo, the non-Zelda Amiibo can be used once per day to unlock weapons that are rated three stars are lower, a Rupee, or crafting material bonus.

The software update to Hyrule Warriors that will add Amiibo functionality is due for release in late November.

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