In case you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few days, the first DLC pack for the incredible Mario Kart 8 is here. The DLC is loaded with Zelda-themed racing fun, including Link as a playable character, the Master Cycle, and the new Hyrule Circuit. If you’ve had the chance to race around through Hyrule, you’ll instantly notice the amazing Zelda theme song that graces the players’ ears.

The Facebook page for The Legend of Zelda UK has uploaded a video similar to the other recording studio video that was shown in the Mario Kart 8 Direct earlier this year. I must say, this composition of the Zelda theme is simply amazing. Mario Kart 8 has some of the best music in the franchise, and was performed and recorded live in a studio setting; this new composition definitely holds up to the quality of the rest of the soundtrack.

Sit back and enjoy the awesome sounds performed by the talented Mario Kart 8 band!

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