Eiji Aonuma has begun to shed some light on the beginnings of the development of Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS. In the latest issue of Famitsu, Aonuma revealed that after the release of Ocarina of Time 3D, Shigeru Miyamoto approached Aonuma and told him, “If we ported Majora’s Mask to a portable device, wouldn’t it play more smoothly than the original as it is possible to put the game in sleep mode at any time?” Although Aonuma was initially hesitant about the idea, he eventually gave in to the concept, as the new Majora’s Mask would be much more user-friendly than the previous iteration of the game.

In this remake, Nintendo is taking new players into consideration. Aonuma told Famitsu, “Specifically speaking, parts that were conventions and weren’t explained at all are changed, and challenges which you realize by repeating many times are made easier to understand.” While the three-day cycle remains in Majora’s Mask 3D, there is a boss battle that is seeing changes. Players will also be able to fish at two separate locations in the title. The gyro controls in Ocarina of Time 3D will also be present in the new remake of Majora’s Mask.

While the visuals are the same on the standard 3DS as the New 3DS, Aonuma commented, “Please wait for the opportunity to discuss how playing on the New 3DS differs at a later date.”

While the differences for Majora’s Mask 3D may enhance the playing experience on a handheld console, it seems that the main features from the original title will remain intact. Further differences have yet to be confirmed, but given its four-year development cycle, there are bound to be a few.

  • CEObrainz

    So the new 3DS version will be slightly better? I’m just waiting for the special edition 3DS whether it’s the “new” one or the old one….

  • watch them be like “since the new 3ds is more powerful, the system can run Majora’s mask 3D and Ocarina of time 3D at 60 fps, with the help of a update for both Oot and MM, available in the Nintendo E-Shop the minute Majora’s Mask becomes available.”


    I just spewed non sense. My apologizes.

  • Brian Matheny

    I am happy at the idea of being able to fish at two locations in the new one. That was probably the only thing that i hated didn’t make it into Majora’s Mask from Ocarina of Time. Of course with the time limit it will be more restricted but none the less this makes me really happy!

    • Ryan Haynes

      Time might pause in those areas, like it does in the Clock Tower

  • Thomas Andersen

    New players? Dont they think these new players are as tallented and intelligent as the “new” players back in the days? Since they need to “dumb” things down for them to manage the puzzle solving etc? …I think Aonuma underestimates the avrage zelda fan! And it might ruin the entire franchise one day! Challange us!! Make the games HARDER, not dumb it down!! Please! ALBW was amazing, but extremely easy! Even the Hero Mode wasnt that challanging! At least give us the Hard Mode from the get go!!:)

    Hope the boss they are talking about fixing is the final boss! Replayed MM last year, and the final boss didnt hit me even once! Not even a 1/4 of a heart was lost in the final battle.. a bit anticlimactic.. So I hope they Buff him up a lot! Even the newest of the noobs wont have any problems beating the final boss in this day and age!

    • Talmor

      Hear, hear!

    • TheCrazyMirror

      They’re probs talking about Gyorg.

    • True Davad

      Cool down. No offense but people don’t take you seriously when you start out screaming criticism like that. Explain it calmly and clearly. Don’t be too harsh. Ruining the franchise is a huge exaggeration that will stoip people from taking you seriously.
      He never said it would be easier. He just said it would be better explained. Probably with a system like the visions in Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword. Those were optional, I personally don’t recall using them at all. Majora’s Mask’s puzzles were considered very hard back in the day. The game is also marketed to little kids and not just experienced gamers like us, who already know the answers having played the game before.

      • Thomas Andersen

        I think you read me as more angry than I am! I did add a smile in there, if you manage to spot it!:) I love Zelda, but still, everything I say is true! Kids today are more tallented and already got more experience than what we got back in the days(at least old people like me) and I think in general that Zelda games need to be more challanging, cause kids of today and new beginners want a challange as well! If they dont get it, they go other places.. studies show that the core zelda gamer is “old”.. and SS spelled out everything, all the time.. in my opinion this is the dumbing down that Im affraid off will ruin the series!

        I think in general Aonuma underestimates the zelda gamers, especially the veterans.. and that he should not only think about creating hint stones etc to help new players.. but removing this exact hint stone(in a hard mode from the get go, again speaking generally) so that the people wanting the challange dont have to even look at all those hints, or having Fi spell out that you need to use a key, to unlock this locked door.. etc And its all said with a smile, and in good faith, from a veteran Zelda player, that has been around for over 20years now!:)

        • True Davad

          Okay sorry. I think the Hintstone type thing is what he means

    • Zarek

      I agree with you!! very agree!

  • Ryan Haney

    I’d like to be able to save in the pause menu. I hope they keep it where you can fight the bosses over and over. Sometimes, I would drink Chateau Romani milk and just replay the bosses.

  • Talmor

    Fishing…. They put fishing in “Majora’s Mask”? Eeeeh…. Something else to do, I guess.

    But I really don’t want the game easier to play. Even first-time gamers aren’t going to be dumb. -___- Sometimes, Nintendo, I think you think toddlers who haven’t learned to read are playing your games. Yeesh.

    The time-management aspect of MM is really fun. For me at least. I know the 3-day cycle/save system gets a lot of grief, but I enjoyed it.

    • Thomas Andersen

      Yes! Spot on! 12year olds will in general have No problem solving the puzzles in MM! And If they do have problems, thats what its all about! If a puzzle isnt problematic… Its not a puzzle!!!:)

      • Talmor

        Indeed. Playing a game isn’t some impossible challenge which takes years and years to learn how to do.

        • Thomas Andersen

          True! Id love a game that could keep me entertained for months though! The world of Zelda got the base to create something Huge! Tons of secrets could be hidden Everywhere! Rewards, and structures that keeps us going “forever”! So content wise, Id love for it to last a long time! Not 50hours main story, and thats it.. thats where I feel SS failed! There was one Side Quest Road and one Main Quest Road! But yeah, I love Zelda, so Im trying my best to not get my hopes up about different things to much! Its hard not to have a huge wish list though! The imagination runs sometimes!:)

    • True Davad

      Another overstatement listen to my post to Thomas Anderson. Yours is nowhere near as bad but you should not give such huge criticizism based on something that has no details yet and never stated to be what you are saying it is.

      • Talmor

        Hand-holding in video games is a problem. Current-day games are -constantly- reminding me how to play them, as if I have the shortest of short-term memories. Some are discreet and out of the way, but others are more obtuse and where you can’t possibly miss it no matter how you try and often, they can’t be turned off. It’s not just in the Zelda series that does it. Games that don’t hold your hand and just drop you into the middle of the game use that as a selling point.

        My criticism comes from playing a bunch of games that hold your hands, not just Nintendo games. But in the Zelda series, hand-holding was hugely obvious with Fi. She was constantly directing you and those percentages she rattled off pretty much told the player “Do this or you can’t progress”.

        • True Davad

          But in regards to this article he never said anything to indicate mandatory hand-holding. It is probably optional.

          • Talmor

            They didn’t exactly give us much a choice about Fi’s handholding in “Skyward Sword”. ‘Optional’ should mean you can turn all commentary from a helper character off, not just ignore the blinking button 25% of the time and get forced into 30 second cutscenes the other 75%.

  • LuigiRulz324 .

    I just hope they smooth out Snowhead Temple

  • Arquimaes

    Just logged in to say: please don’t dumb down the games for new players! Zelda is alongside Metroid the series that are meant to be “hard”!

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