Despite what you may think of the divisive Skyward Sword, even the naysayers seem to agree that the game still scores points in the looks department. Austin from Eggbusters knows this, so naturally he honours those gorgeous graphics in his new video– by glitching the game and ruining the scenery.

By jumping and slashing at a specific part in Faron Woods, Austin demonstrates how you can reach Lake Floria earlier than you’re supposed to, breaking the game’s designed sequence. The exploit also allows you to take a look behind the game’s curtain, accessing terrain that you normally wouldn’t be able to. Behold: “tree walls”, intangible hills and a secret river!

Please note: The following video contains some profanity.

The last Skyward Sword episode also showed how to go beyond the game’s borders, making Link roam the land of Skyloft while still on the title screen.