The Legend of Zelda: The Order of Time is a brand new web series by Isaiah TriForce Johnson, aiming to take a different perspective on the Legend of Zelda timeline. With this new YouTube series, TriForce Johnson is trying to create a platform for the Zelda mythos to co-exist simultaneously in two different timelines, keeping with the established canon that was substantiated in Hyrule Historia. At the same time though, the series is creating a legend of its own. Since TriForce Johnson is presenting an original story that will corroborate the Hyrule Historia timeline, it will be interesting to see how the lore of the web series will support the canon established.

Although some fans may be adverse to the idea of a story or a timeline other than what has previously been confirmed as canon, the series should be entertaining and give a fresh perspective on the Zelda timeline. The series is even said to give the creators of Zelda an idea to create a game based on the timeline of the series, so it should be a joy to watch and see how it unfolds!

With all of that given, we at Zelda Universe are proud to present to you an exclusive preview of the YouTube web series The Legend of Zelda: The Order of Time by Isaiah TriForce Johnson!

  • Aleksander Schou

    Hmm.. sounds abit wierd to me. But the concept itself might work.

    i’m no expert! just sayin what i’m thinking xD

  • Robert Powers Anderson

    yeah seems pretty weird

  • eByTech

    (lol) When I first saw the title I thought the name for the upcoming Zelda was revealed.

    • Eric Mercer

      Same… And I was excited to see a phantom hourglass / wind waker HD style game ( as long as there was no temple of the ocean king….. God I still know how to get to the bottom in 8 minutes…)

  • Ronin Champloo

    WOW talk about clickbait article. this just lost you a sub– don’t write articles with BLATANTLY misleading titles.

    • Anthony Moseley

      Cry a little more, why don’t you?

    • Amadeus Birca

      Clickbat… in which way? They stated black and white facts. If you understood it was a new game or whatsoever, that’s your mistake.

      • Ronin Champloo

        the title is huge and bold and facebook, and i’m not the only facebook ex-follower who was mislead into reading an article on this page that i actually have zero interest in. it’s funny that on here they state quite straight forward “This is not clickbait.” when on the facebook page they are all “sorry for the misleading title.”

    • Morgan

      we’ve reported on this series before. This is not clickbait.

      • Ronin Champloo

        the title is painful clickbait. if i’m not the only person who was BAITED into clicking on the article to give your page a view, of which i am not, then it’s clickbait friend.

    • Ryan Haney

      I didn’t know you could up vote yourself.

      • Ronin Champloo


    • raegun.rawr

      I think it would be considered a clickbait article if they had never talked about it till now, but they did. I’m pretty sure those keeping up with the project knew what the title entailed, and they delivered with a trailer. This is more of you being ignorant than Zelda Universe clickbaiting. Get over yourself, unsub and move on.

  • Syrina Astles

    That was a pretty sad preview, lol. However I look forward to seeing what its all about, when it comes out. 😀

  • Ban Midō #Anime#TaskForce

    This is going to be godlike!

  • Amadeus Birca

    While the teaser was… humble at its best. The project receives my attention – who knows, could be the most viewed series tomorrow.

  • Zeldagurlfan1

    honestly, this doesnt seem worth my time. eve if hia opinions sound cool, theyre atill opinions. looks like he just wants creds. i stead be ahould just go into detail of hyrule historia and why it already works.. maybe thats what i ahould do.. aha

  • Carson Bryant

    I ha a netflix tab on while watching this, but it was loading. So…Whenever the map dissolved into nothing the song “The World started playing and it all worked together perfectly.