The Legend of Zelda: The Order of Time is a brand new web series by Isaiah TriForce Johnson, aiming to take a different perspective on the Legend of Zelda timeline. With this new YouTube series, TriForce Johnson is trying to create a platform for the Zelda mythos to co-exist simultaneously in two different timelines, keeping with the established canon that was substantiated in Hyrule Historia. At the same time though, the series is creating a legend of its own. Since TriForce Johnson is presenting an original story that will corroborate the Hyrule Historia timeline, it will be interesting to see how the lore of the web series will support the canon established.

Although some fans may be adverse to the idea of a story or a timeline other than what has previously been confirmed as canon, the series should be entertaining and give a fresh perspective on the Zelda timeline. The series is even said to give the creators of Zelda an idea to create a game based on the timeline of the series, so it should be a joy to watch and see how it unfolds!

With all of that given, we at Zelda Universe are proud to present to you an exclusive preview of the YouTube web series The Legend of Zelda: The Order of Time by Isaiah TriForce Johnson!