Nintendo is set to compose 16 classic titles into one enthralling new addition to their 3DS lineup, in the form of Ultimate NES Remix. The game takes all of your old time favorites and alters them into time-based challenges. Allowing Princess Peach to be her own heroine and escape from the castle without the help of her infamous mustached friends is only the beginning of the numerous unique quests present in the game.

Taking scenes from The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Punch-Out!! and more, Nintendo is giving players an opportunity to prove themselves worthy by integrating an online leaderboard to coincide with each of the game’s challenges. Completion of the game will also unlock Famicom Remix, Japan’s counterpart to NES Remix, rewarding the player with new features and experiences.

Dust off that Power Glove because Ultimate NES Remix is available for pre-order now on the UK Nintendo Store and will be released on November 7 of this year. Those who pre-order the game will receive an exclusive Nintendo cap while supplies last. The US version of the game is said to follow suit with a current release date set for December.