Ganondorf is by far one of the most memorable villains in all of videogame history. His quest for the Triforce is legendary, spawning a series of games that have lasted for 28 years that we call The Legend of Zelda. His depiction in Twilight Princess is one of his most popular looks, and is what helped inspire this beautiful piece of artwork by d-torres of Deviantart. His eyes burning with hatred and desire for destruction, Ganondorf’s ultimate goal is to claim the power of the gods for himself and rule over the land with evil intentions.

Will Link be able to triumph over his archenemy once again in the next installment of Zelda, or will the hero fail to stop the King of Evil in his quest for power?


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  • MischievousLittleImp

    It’s a beautiful art, but he doesn’t look really evil, he looks more like in a kind of “Hey, I’m handsome.” pose. But the art is great!

  • Ryan Haney

    I think that d-torres captured his evil eye stare so well that I wouldn’t be able to have it as a wallpaper.

  • SecretDurham

    Would be great if the next Zelda game started with Gannondorf already ruling. One awakens his resolve to defeat him, and restores the world to light again, his name is Link! Just for a change!

    • Talmor

      Twilight Princess falls under that idea, although Ganondorf’s hold on Hyrule (through Zant) is new and tenuous at best. Link stops it before it can really begin.

      Do you mean more like Ganondorf has been in power for a number of years before game start?

      • SecretDurham

        Oh yes! Link would break the bonds of thraldom and set free the land of Hyrule. Wandering the wastes he could be summoned by the Goddesses to fulfil a long designed destiny set before his feet.

        • Talmor

          I’d like to see a lot more in-depth character and more deeply themed plot development myself. Nintendo is pretty amazing at making memorable characters which stick with you, but I don’t always feel they and their world is as fleshed out as they could be, when presented in the game.

          …But then, I love it when games get crazy complex.

    • Ryan Haynes

      Zelda 1