Over the past four years, remixer David W. Lloyd aka “djpretzel” from OverClocked Remix has entertained the idea, “What if The Doors had recorded ‘Dark World’ in the style of ‘Riders on the Storm’?!?”. After toying with the concept, he finally came onto the time and proper resources to make it happen.

To create the arrangement, he modified the original Dark World composition by Koji Kondo, giving it a looser, more jazzy feel. He also interlaced a storm recording, adding to the mood. The final product, entitled “Dark Storm”, blends the Dark World theme and “Riders on the Storm” so seamlessly that it if you didn’t know the originals, you’d never know it’s a remix.

This piece hits a major milestone for the folks at OC ReMix, which was founded in 1999. “Dark Storm” mark’s the organization’s 3,000th remix! Be sure to check out more of their Zelda arrangements, including “Forever Yours (Zelda’s Theme)“, a Wind Waker remix, and “Dawn of a New Day (Clock Town)” from Majora’s Mask.

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