In a recent blog post, Console to Closet has given their guidelines on how to dress like Impa from Hyrule Warriors. The outfit consists of a flannel, long-sleeve shirt, cut-up jeans, some decorative earrings, bracelets that resemble the Shiekah insignia, and a scarf.

Perhaps you don’t want to adorn yourself with an outfit resembling Impa; the site also offers a Zelda outfit as well! The Zelda outfit is also inspired by Hyrule Warriors: purple vest, pink skirt with designs similar to Hyrulian art, golden bangles, and platform sandals. Both outfits look very nice.

Zelda CtC Outfit

So, if you have the urge to dress up like a killer Sheikah bodyguard or a Hyrulian princess, head on over to Console to Closet to purchase the outfit, or get inspiration to pick out your own!

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