Early last month it was announced that the A Link Between Worlds official soundtrack would be made available through the Japanese Club Nintendo. Now, we have some pictures of the soundtrack for the fantastic title thanks to Twitter user Kyle McLain..

The outer cover showcases a superb Triforce design on the back of the CD case, while the inner cover behind each disc displays the iconic picture of Link staring out over a lake towards Hyrule Castle. In addition, the foldout booklet that comes with the the dual disc OST is covered by a beautiful picture depicting Hyrule, as well as Lorule.

Too bad the soundtrack isn’t available outside of Japan yet! Perhaps it will make its way to the West eventually, but in the meantime, have a look at the gorgeous artwork enveloping the glorious music discs within.

  • Ryan Haney

    Well, I’ve got 335 coins ready to spend on it if they let us get it in America. To paraphrase Fry, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY COINS! 😀

  • Dave

    Why do those things come out only in Japan?? God damn it!!

    • Michael Bowerman

      My sentiments exactly!