Between all the hype and excitement for the recent Nintendo releases, I’m afraid it’s now time for some sad news, especially for those in the UK. Official Nintendo Magazine is now coming to a close, as confirmed by publisher Future and Nintendo UK.

Issue 114, the very last issue of the magazine, will hit stores next week on October 14. The publication first launched in 2002 under publisher EMAP, before rebranding to its current rendition under Future in 2006.

Going forward, the official website says that Nintendo will be shifting focus online. “Nintendo will continue to speak directly to fans via Nintendo Direct, [its] social media and online channels and public events.” Also, “Nintendo UK and Future will continue to work closely on future projects across, CVG, Edge, Kotaku UK and Gamesmaster.”

“Nintendo will continue to speak directly to fans via Nintendo Direct, social media and public events.”

With this signifying yet another huge case for the decline of journalistic print media, I suddenly feel pretty old. It’s an incredibly saddening farewell, as Official Nintendo Magazine now shares the same fate as many other beloved magazines, such as the US’ Nintendo Power and the UK’s NGamer. It was the magazine that helped shape me into a huge Nintendo fan (alright, fanboy) when I was younger, and since then I’ve been following the rebrand from the first issue.

It appears the magazine intends to go out with a bang though, teasing some promising content for the final instalment.

Editor Matthew Castle also shares his farewell, and his grattitude, to all the readers over the years. Thank you, sir.

Fortunately, the staff won’t be out of a job just yet, as it seems most of the team have moved over to Future’s Official Xbox Magazine.

On top of quality news, reviews, features and free gifts, the magazine will be remembered for its off-the-wall British humour, and most importantly of all, having fun in the hobby we cherish. That’s evident in the video below and many others on the YouTube channel.

Are there any other readers from the UK that will be mourning the end of Official Nintendo Magazine? Share your favourite magazine memories below, whichever one you read growing up.