Koei Tecmo have revealed some more information surrounding the upcoming Master Quest DLC pack for their newest title, Hyrule Warriors. As if the game didn’t offer enough content, there will soon be more playable characters, more characters skins, more weapons, and more additions to various game modes.

Before you continue, please be aware that the following information and footage may contain minor spoilers for those who don’t wish to see the new campaign missions, though very few plot details are shared here.

Still reading? Okay, then!

Playable villains

According to Siliconera, Cia’s new scenario shows “how she meets is a side story of how she meets Volga and Wizzro, and how they close in on Hyrule Kingdom.” It will “will have five episodes, which will conclude with something waiting for her at the end.”

Cia utilizes her dark staff as a weapon, which appears to also morph into a whip of sorts. But it doesn’t stop there: Cia can call on the help of various Dark Link figures to unleash massive amounts of damage to any enemies in their way.

Volga’s weapon of choice is a type of staff, with a large blade on the end of it. His staff looks very useful for clearing out a wide range of enemies very quickly. What is even more interesting is when he morphs into his dragon-like form, which unleashes some of his finishing combo sets.

Wizzro is much different than the previous two villains. While both Cia and Volga focus more on physical attacks, Wizzro’s attacks seem based on magic and ranged attacks. This will add even more depth to the play styles within the cast of characters.


As for fighting with Epona, the player can utilize Link’s weapon, as well all of Epona’s legs. What is most entertaining is watching Epona perform a special move and leap into the air, in order to drop down on the unsuspecting enemy below. It’s quite the spectacle!

Epona GameplayAnd, of course, Epona will be a playable “weapon.”

Alternate costumes

Cia’s alternate costume, highlighted below, is quite a contradiction to what we’ve seen of her so far. In fact, she resembles the “White Witch” Lana more so than her normal dark side. Regardless, it is still awesome to see such a difference with the character skin!

As for Dark Link, the character skin is fairly straightforward. But, who isn’t excited to play as Dark Link?!

Cia ALtAs stated above, Cia will have a complete overhaul with her latest DLC skin.

hyrule-warriors-lana-guardian-of-time-costumeLana will receive a similar costume; both will come in a set of two, titled the “Guardian of Time” costumes.