One passionate Zelda fan by the name of Frida Paredes is taking her love for Majora’s Mask and is trying to turn a wish into a reality: by creating all the masks you can collect in Majora’s Mask into actual replicas.

The Kickstarter she has created has a goal of $28,000 in order to secure materials — such as silicone compound and resin plastics –to create 500 masks. It’s not a cheap task, by any means; the money is also going to be used to hire two assistants to help make the masks within a two-to-three month time frame.


majora-mask-kickstarter2Evidence of Frida’s talent.

Frida has already raised $6,320 of her $28,000 goal, with 26 days to go. If you help her realize her dream, you will receive updates on her progress as well as some possible video clips. The only masks that will be wearable will be the transformation masks from Majora’s Mask, and Majora’s Mask itself. The other masks will be a little smaller and won’t be wearable, but will still be a fantastic addition to anyone’s Zelda collection.

All masks will be finished by December and could be a wonderful gift to give fellow Zelda fans during the holidays, so contribute to Frida’s Kickstarter and help her reach her goal today!

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  • Stephen Haney

    500 masks? That means the 24 masks that you can get in the game plus Majora’s mask. So a grand total of 25 masks per set. 500 divided by 25 masks is 20 sets. So will they be sold as sets or as individual masks? What will the backers get? Does the person who pledges the most get a full set?

    • Michael Hierlmeier

      Read the Kickstarter page. It literally answers all your questions. Depending on the amount you donate, you get anywhere between one mask of a certain set of masks, to the entire set.
      Not to mention, there are 31 masks in the entire set. They’re making all the boss masks and both the wedding masks, too.

  • Black Dragon

    Why should we help someone gain Zelda stuff if we don’t know them? It’s not helping is any. I’d love Zelda stuff too

  • David R Scott

    If you want to pay a little less than you would have to to get these as a Kickstarter pledge gift, the etsy shop below has some pretty cool versions of some of these Masks.

    I bought the Deku mask version for my little brother for $75, and this project is asking $145 for the Deku Mask. My little brother’s mask is really pretty good quality. The PropsShop has other things that are pretty cool as well.

    • Michael Hierlmeier

      Don’t want to sound mean, but just by looking at their Majora’s Mask, compared to this person’s, this one is quite superior in quality, and I can only imagine the other masks would be, as well.
      Not saying don’t buy from that Etsy page, either. BUT I am saying you shouldn’t post something like that when someone else is advertising someone else’s work. It’s almost undermining what they’re trying to do here.

  • Ryan Haney

    I wish someone would kickstart putting Z-MM on the 3DS.

    • Michael Hierlmeier

      But the problem with that is whoever doing that needs the rights to do so from Nintendo. And Nintendo WON’T do that. They’d either make it internally, or not make it at all.

    • CEObrainz

      Wasn’t there rumours that a team is working on that already? The most we can do is hope really….

  • Travis Washburn

    Here’s another Kickstarter you might be interested in:

    It’s a novel that was inspired by THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. It’s called SONG OF LOCKE, and I wrote it because I can’t stop craving great adventure stories. Most gamers and Zelda-fans will appreciate it.

    Thanks for listening. You guys are awesome. : )

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