Japanese Club Nintendo members can now grab an official soundtrack of A Link Between Worlds, which contains 105 tracks over two discs.

The item costs 250 Coins, and includes the beautiful Master Sword artwork used on the 3DS game’s cover. The discs also cleverly represent the worlds of Hyrule and Lorule, with Triforces appearing normally on one and upside-down on the other.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no word of this reaching Club Nintendo in other territories, so (for now at least) Japan may be hogging awesome collector’s items and all those beautiful songs to themselves. I’m not jealous.




  • Vladislak

    I want this so bad. Release it outside of Japan please Nintendo!

  • Majora’s Espurr

    Come on Club Nintendo of America! We only have greeting cards and patches! Europe and Japan have been getting such cool stuff from Nintendo lately.

  • Ryan Haney

    To rehash what I said on the Sakurai Miiverse post a few days ago: I want! I want! I want! (starts throwing a tantrum like a toddler)

  • Ty Bayn

    Wow, Nintendo has thrown America under the bus recently. No special edition of Hyrule Warriors, cool prizes for everyone outside the U.S. Our reward catalog sucks. When will they treat us like the rest of the world?

    • Brandon Scott

      Hey, we in Canada are stuck with your bad luck too.
      Actually, we didn’t even get the most recent serial codes for Pokemon X and Y, while you did.