After Zelda Universe and many others challenged Reggie Fils-Aime to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, we’re thrilled to report that Nintendo has released a video of the president powerhouse enduring the dreaded, freezing torrent. As promised, the ass-kicking name-taker also “one-upped” our challenge by getting other Nintendo of America employees involved.

That slow-motion sequence at the end is surely going to generate some awesome animated GIFs, if I know the internet. Props to the big man and all of the Nintendo staff for helping spread attention to a good cause!

If you’re unfamiliar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it is a campaign that aims to raise money in order to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease. When a participant is challenged, they have 24 hours to either withstand a bucket of icy water or donate $100. You can learn more and donate on the official website.

As a small (but important) aside, our thoughts go out to Corey Griffin, a philanthropist and co-founder of the movement who recently passed away at age 27. It’s because of him that this campaign became possible. Having helped the challenge go viral, he has left behind an amazing cause and will be forever remembered as a man who kept on giving.