The 3DS has a rather plain home menu design. Don’t get me wrong, the entire menu is well designed and works just fine, but Nintendo never gave us the option to really customise it — you can choose a colour to apply to it, but that’s it. Thankfully, this will all change with the upcoming system update, which will add a new section to the Japanese eShop.

In the Theme Shop, you can purchase themes based on current and upcoming Nintendo titles. These themes give a totally new look to your 3DS menu, and change the menu’s background and folder icon as well as add new music and sound effects. They also add a frame to existing icons.

The best part is that Nintendo already revealed the first themes to become available. Among these is an A Link Between Worlds theme, along with Animal Crossing, Super Mario Bros. and a general Mario theme.

Keep in mind that this announcement is only for Japan for now. Nintendo did not clarify if the update is coming to the western region any time soon.

new homemenu

While going through your game collection, the upper screen scrolls side-wards. 

You can watch the Nintendo Direct presentation in full below, with the announcement starting at 13:30.


Update: Nintendo confirmed that Europe and America will be able to get the new menu skins too.