Now that Hyrule Warriors has launched in Japan, it’s no surprise that the whole game has been recorded and uploaded across the internet. It may be a minefield of spoilers out there at the moment, but we’ve gathered some key clips of gameplay footage that should satisfy your curiosity in the lead-up to the international release without ruining your own experience with the game.

As always, however, everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a “spoiler”. We’ve kept the text spoiler-free, and since the in-game text and voices are in Japanese, you should be safe from most of the plot details. If you’re very sensitive about this though, proceed with caution before clicking on a video, or just stop here if you want to completely block the game out of your mind completely until release.

Note: Please be respectful of others and avoid sharing heavy plot spoilers in the comments; we will be moderating them closely. If you want to get it out of your system though, you can head to our forums (just remember to follow the rules and use tags if necessary!).

The first 85 minutes

Let’s start at the very beginning of the game. What we have here is the first 85 minutes of gameplay, courtesy of NiNTENDOMiNATi0N, with a convenient dual-display of both the TV screen and the GamePad screen.

How far you should watch is up to how much you want to see. Below you’ll find a rough, spoiler-free guide to what’s in the video, so you know where to stop or skip to.

  • If you’re just curious about the boot screen, title screen and main menu, stop at 1:33.
  • The opening cutscene is between 1:33-3:47.
  • The first “boss fight” is between 6:18-8:23
  • The first real boss fight is between 24:50-27:35
  • The second level begins at 37:45
  • From 1:15:35 onwards, Adventure Mode with Sheik takes up the rest of the video


Title screen

Here is an extended video of the title screen, thanks to WiiFolderJosh. We see it pan over the land of Hyrule, with an orchestrated remix of Zelda themes.

Adventure Mode

GameXplain presents the first 40 minutes of Adventure Mode, the game’s grid-based mode where you take on a mix of different missions across the various stages.



This is a commentated gameplay video by IGN, wherein Jose Otero and Brian Altano play the co-op mode. You can go back to any stage you’ve beaten in the campaign mode with any character. You can also spend Rupees to level up your character, which is helpful when want to play a balanced game of co-op with similarly levelled characters.

Alternate costumes

If you’re still deciding on which pre-order bonus you’d like to opt for, this may help sway your decision. Below you can see more of each of the alternate character costumes in action thanks to YouTube user KaitouVG. Each costume is handily represented in the thumbnail!

Jukebox: Music samples

Hyrule Warriors has an in-game “jukebox”, which allows you play unlocked music from the soundtrack. WiiFolderJosh demonstrates by playing some samples.

While that’s all we’ll be sharing here, you can find a ton more spoiler-filled footage on YouTube. You can check out a full list of gameplay videos on every stage in the game via GameXplain’s playlist, but enter at your own risk.