Zant is a bit of a bully, if you think about it. Between bursts of frantic attacks and mindless destruction, he stops to engage in manic laughter. With rounds of ape-like hooting and wild cries, his battlefield presence would set anyone opposing him on their edge.

In Zant’s character trailer for Hyrule Warriors, which shows how Zant will operate as a playable character, we see him do all of this and more. Wielding dual scimitars, the Usurper King cuts into oncoming Bulbins as if they were paper snowflakes. His strange demeanor radiates from his attack style, where mystic sways of his head summon a giant Twilight Realm hand to pulverize his enemies. Zant can also grow to enormous size to squish Bulbins under his shoes before leaping into a majestic body slam to make pancakes of those he lands on.

Clearly the Twilight King is having quite a lot of fun making short work of his foes. Playing as him is certain to be just as much fun.

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