After a long struggle with depression, Academy Award-winning actor Robin Williams, 63, was found dead this morning from what the Marin County Coroner’s office deems “suicide due to asphyxiation.”

Like many ’90s kids, I was first introduced to Robin Williams when he lent his voice to the Genie in Walt Disney’s Aladdin. Even as a little kid, I was blown away by his comedic abilities.

Robin Williams absolutely loved video games, especially The Legend of Zelda. He was such a fan of the Zelda series that he named his daughter, who recently celebrated her 25th birthday, Zelda.

If there’s anything positive that can come from his death, it’s suicide prevention and depression awareness. If you or someone you know is battling depression or having suicidal thoughts, there is help. provides a list of international crisis hotlines. also offers resources for those dealing with depression.

Thank you Mr. Williams for all the joy you brought to this world.

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  • Jauix

    He is still playing Zelda wherever he is now.

    • Saratje

      I’m sure as one of the wise sages.

    • Temis

      He’s just reincarnated as an owl to help you along the way

  • Phazite

    This is not what I wanted to read before going to bed. 🙁

    All I can say is that at least his suffering is over. To some extent, I know how painful depression can be.

  • Nick

    thank you for the resources on the article! this article was handled a lot better than how other sites are treating him.

  • Austin74

    Will miss Robin William, he was a great actor and great person.God Bless Man.

  • Davad

    He was an amazing man and one of the few actors I can instantly recognize. The world will miss him greatly. I hope his daughter Zelda is and family can move on. Her father was a High King of Comedy. And she was no doubt his princess. The world shares in their loss.

  • Valroy

    That photo is so lovable. I wish Zelda much comfort and love.
    Time for a Robin Williams 90s family film marathon…

  • LukesAlike

    The realization is slowly washing up on me of what he did that I fondly remember as a kid. Crap dang…

  • MDH

    What? WHAT?!

    Oh man. And he seemed like such an extraordinarily joyful person. The OoT3D commercial pictured in the article is more heartwarming than a commercial has any right to be. Not to mention all the wonderful movies he acted in over the years.

    May you rest in peace, Mr. Williams.

  • LukesAlike

    It would be awesome if Nintendo paid homage to him by naming a character in the new Zelda ‘Robin’ or something of the like.

  • Vladislak

    I have no doubt he’s in a better place now. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  • Saratje

    On another note, I think there should be some dedication to the good man in a zelda fan game or such. Would be nice, also for those left behind. 🙂

  • Choriqueso

    My respects to you and your family Mr Williams. RIP. Time to clear some Zelda games in your honor.

  • Saratje

    Couldn’t help but create this after seeing that Zelda commercial again.