Last year, toy company JAKKS Pacific signed a deal with Nintendo to produce a range of toys and costumes based on their popular franchises, including The Legend of Zelda. Their new World of Nintendo line has finally been unveiled, featuring fully poseable action figures complete with mystery accessories.

The size range includes 4-inch and 6-inch figures. Link, Mario and Yoshi are available in the 4-inch range, while Donkey Kong and Bowser are a little larger at 6 inches. They’ve been spotted at Target stores in the US, with the Link figure going for $8.99 USD, and several retailers are also offering these online. At that price, this Link figure is a more affordable alternative to other figures such as the one by Figma (which normally retails for around $50 USD).

Have you picked one of these up yet? What do you think Link’s mystery accessory, or accessories, might be?