The latest Nintendo Direct on Hyrule Warriors was packed with all-new information on the game, so we’ve broken down a few more interesting tidbits for you.

Yosuke Hayashi explained that, when it comes to combat, not all enemies you face will fall victim to simple hacking and slashing; some will require you to come up with a better strategy than just wild button mashing. In the Direct, you can see Link fighting a Lizalfos that spits fireballs. With the help of the L button, you can focus on the enemy and are able to close the gap between it and Link easily. From there, you just need to wait for the right time to attack.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the map. Your allies are the blue spots on the battlefield, while the enemy’s army is marked in red. Each battlefield has “keeps” spread over it, which are highlighted in the image below. Conquering a keep will allow you to build a base, increasing your number of soldiers and giving you an advantage in battle. In order to take over a keep, you need to defeat all enemies inside it. Each keep may also have a keep boss. By taking over a keep, you expand your territory and army, which will influence the battle in your favour.

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During the battle, missions will appear depending on the situation. The “victory conditions” are constantly subject to change and are heavily influenced by the situation on the field. When King Dodongo appears, for example, your objective changes to “Defeat King Dodongo!” After you finish a battle, you’ll be rewarded with Rupees, weapons and other materials.

It seems that many of the bosses stick to their roots and have the same weak spots as they had in previous Zelda games. The game’s inventory includes the Bombs, Bow, Boomerang and Hookshoot. It appears that the weapon selection menu has been changed entirely. Instead of a pause screen or menu, you’ll can simply scroll through your weapons quickly with the Control Stick.

Each character also has his/her own set of stats. As you defeat enemies, you gain experience which allows you to level up. This is not the only reward, as specific monsters will drop certain materials. These can be used to increase your warrior’s stats. The enchantments vary; they may increase the number of attacks, create longer combos or increase the time your Focus Spirit lasts. These can also influence the number of times that you can use special attacks and potions.

You may also be rewarded with a new weapon after defeating an enemy, which can have special abilities. Some weapons have empty skill slots. You may fuse these weapons with other weapons in order to transfer skills from one weapon to another.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct in full below.