The Gold Skulltulas will be making a return to Zelda in Hyrule Warriors, appearing after the player has met a specific requirement. Each Gold Skulltula’s location can be seen on the mini-map as a web in the top right-hand corner of the game’s screen.

When the player is close to a Gold Skulltula, a distinct scratching sound can be heard. Some Skulltulas will be hiding under rocks, requiring the player to use a bomb, but if the player is not quick enough to defeat it, the spider will escape.

skulltula mini map HW

After a Gold Skulltula is defeated, the player will be rewarded an illustration piece. There are 100 Skulltulas all together.

skultula illustration HW

Gold Skulltulas first appeared in Ocarina of Time as a side-quest. After defeating one, the player would receive a token; these tokens were collected and used to dispel a curse that was brought upon the family living in the House of Skulltula. As thanks, the family would reward Link with useful items, such as bigger wallets, the Stone of Agony and a Heart Piece. The Gold Skulltulas then reappeared in Ocarina of Time’s sequel, Majora’s Mask. The player had to defeat all the Gold Skulltulas in the Swamp and Oceanside Spider House to receive the Mask of Truth and the Giant’s Wallet.