Created specifically for Hyrule Warriors, Lana is a very mysterious character with an unknown background. What exactly her backstory is, we can’t yet say for certain. However, we do now have a better idea about her fighting style. We have seen many of the different races from the Zelda series on stage at this point, except for one very major one: the Deku tribe. The latest screenshots from the official Hyrule Warriors website seem to suggest that Lana has some kind of relation to the Dekus.

First up, we have Lana wielding a Deku Leaf, and it seems to have similar power to that of the one from Wind Waker. It looks like swinging it around will cause her enemies to be blown away.


The Deku Leaf is not the only new weapon, as we also have a screenshot with Lana riding on the back of the Deku Tree Sprout. In her hand, she appears to be wielding a staff with a design reminiscent of a Deku Stick. At the top of the staff is a golden bracelet, and the middle is wrapped with a blue cloth.


She seems to be good friends with the Great Deku Tree, too. While Lana sits safe and sound on one of the higher branches of the tree, it looks like she can use her new staff in order to command the Deku Tree’s roots which spike up through the ground and damage her enemies.


If you want to see more of Lana, check out the recent gameplay footage we reported earlier today.


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