Recently we reported that Princess Ruto, Sheik and Darunia were all confirmed as playable characters for Hyrule Warriors. Today, Nintendo Everything has acquired the remaining Famitsu scans showing off the rest of the game’s playable characters, including Ruto and Darunia. The scans below also give us a first look at Lake Hylia, Death Mountain and the Great Deku Tree stages from Ocarina of Time.

Darunia appears to be wielding the Megaton Hammer, an essential weapon obtained in Ocarina of Time’s Fire Temple. It also appears that he will have fire-based attacks, while Ruto will have water-based attacks.

We don’t yet have proper translations of these scans, but we’ll keep you updated.









new scan from Famitsu gives us a first look at Princess Ruto in Hyrule Warriors. You’ll find itRead more at
  • Ceres Leaf

    Lol did they give Ruto a dress, or at least somehing that makes her not look naked, also Sheik looks a bit more feminine this time around.

    Anyway totally psyched!

    • Shawn Taylor

      Yeah. It almost looks like a bow in Shiek’s hair even. I’ve been rooting for the return of Shiek as Zelda disguised as a male, just to bring back the feel the character had in OoT.

    • L0wC

      Yeah it’s her design from Ocarina of Time 3D, I like it, it’s subtle.

    • jin

      Uh no because that’s how she looked in ocarina of time you perv

      • Ceres Leaf

        So I’m a perv for pointing out she looks like she actually has clothes on this time around ?
        Get outta Kakariko.

        Also I havent played 3D so I did not know that, thx for pointing that out L0wc.

      • Talmor

        Only in OOT 3DS. Those frills weren’t there in the original version. …I guess blocky graphics don’t equate to the fact Ruto technically isn’t wearing anything….

  • Sam Curtis

    High five for OOT’s water temple revisit in Hyrule Warriors?

  • Sam Curtis

    Still wanna run around as WW Link and Zelda >.<

  • snayls

    Baby Deku!!!!

    • Docforexit347

      Looks like he is used as some sort of weapon, that staff is new. Either way he reminds me of the companions in The Monster Hunter Series

      • 18esundstrom

        i didnt even notice the staff the first time, or that Impa has a different sword

        • Docforexit347

          This game is turning out to be very intriguing with the combination of many zelda worlds and new characters. My Hopeful status for this game is raising. [|||||||||||||| ]

  • Ryan Haney

    Lake Hylia looks awesome and you know Darunia is gonna bring the pain. I wonder how many characters there will be. It might be like a LEGO game where we get every character in the movie.

  • Andrew Robinson


  • Rimga

    So is Darunia gonna eventually have that baby soon or is he always going to sport that “third-trimester preggers” look? It looks like his water, err, sand, might be spilling any day now, lmao.