Today, Nintendo of America posted the English versions of the character trailers for Midna and Agitha from the highly anticipated Zelda spin-off, Hyrule Warriors. Midna’s official title has been revealed as Midna, “Twilight Princess”, while Agitha’s has been revealed as Agitha, “Princess of Insects?”. According to the North American localization, Agitha’s weapon has been confirmed as being the Parasol, while Midna’s weapon of choice is being referred to as the Shackle.

Warding off enemies inspired by Twilight Princess, Midna and Agitha have vastly different styles of combat. Midna, accompanied by her magical wolf, brutally takes down her enemies with sheer force, while Agitha combats her foes in a more indirect manner, summoning her insects to overwhelm the enemy and occasionally engages in melee combat with her Parasol. Midna even uses the Fused Shadow at one point, eviscerating every opponent in sight.

With yet another pair of character trailers revealed for Hyrule Warriors, will the recently announced character Fi receive the same treatment in the near future?

Midna, “Twilight Princess”: Shackle

Agitha, “Princess of Insects?”: Parasol

  • Ryan Haney

    What do they mean by “Shackle”?

    • Loki_GFS

      I think that is the thing she has in her hair… I’m not sure about it, but it really looks like some sort of shackle…

      • Morgan

        That’s how I interpreted it. That appears to be her main weapon, and every trailer thus far has featured the weapon that is stated. It would be odd if they simply featured it at the end, but if the information is misinterpreted, we will surely fix it in a timely manner.

        • Ryan Haney

          I would say her main weapon is her hair, or her magic.

          • Loki_GFS

            Indeed, and it’s kinda difficult to imagine Midna using any other weapon than her hair/magic. I’ve thought of an iteresting idea, that one of her weapons will be her true form, although it would be considered as another character, not as a weapon, so I don’t think it’ll be it.

    • Linz

      At the end of the video she brings down the dragon with a shackle

      • Ryan Haynes

        HOOKSHOT, It was bad enough in the youtube comments.
        & the shackles are the wolves, because, you know Wolf Link had a shackle.

        • Loki_GFS

          Interesting theory.

  • Justin Graham

    That question mark makes all the difference in Agitha’s description.

  • genjy

    That’s how it’s done in Dynasty Warriors and similar Koei games. You have the warrior’s name and then the unique main weapon the character uses. So Agitha’s unique weapon is her parasol (the umbrella) and Midna’s unique weapon is her shackles (probably the bracelet the giant orange hand is wearing).

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