Today’s Fanart Friday is a beautiful depiction of Link as he and Midna enter Snowpeak Ruins for the first time in Twilight Princess. Garbed in an nontraditional coat, Link travels with his companion to seek out the next fragment of the Mirror of Twilight. Wonderfully drawn by Mitsuyuki32 of DeviantArt, this piece of artwork depicts the loneliness that the cold brings, showing both Midna and Link as being isolated from one other. It is a perfect companion to our Music Monday for this week, which focused on the loneliness and sorrow that exists within the Zelda universe. With that said, I present to you “LOZ – Snowpeak Ruins” by Mitsuyuki32.


  • B-rad

    It was the mirror shard not fused shadow at this point of the game, almost every zelda is split into to parts, the first are the introductory dungeons to get you prepared for the later and more challenging quests, and snowpeak was definitely a challenge the first time I played it haha

    • Laleiro

      Exactly what I was thinking. I think you should edit that part of the post, Morgan Lewis

      • Morgan

        yes it was fixed in a prompt manner. my mistake!

    • Morgan

      wow I have no idea how I missed that. stupid error on my part. Thanks for the heads up, and fixed!

      • B-rad

        Haha Twilight Princess is my favorite game so it’s like second nature to spot errors to me. Your post was great though

  • VladNorris

    If the characters were colored in a more basic way, I would take this for a screenshot of an old school anime. Which is awesome. I love watercolors and this piece makes a good use of them

  • Ryan Haney

    I love that level.