A few months ago, we partnered up with Video Games Live and hosted a giveaway of their latest Level 3 album. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering up with them once again for an additional giveaway, and this one is a real treat!

Video Games Live is giving away 5 digital copies of their official Zelda conductor’s score: the very same score that is used in their performances of their Zelda medley. For a chance to enter the giveaway and win this fantastic prize, all you have to do is like and share or retweet the official Video Games Live Facebook post regarding the giveaway. Winners will be selected at random and their names will be posted on the Video Games Live Facebook page on Friday morning, June 27, so be sure to head on over and enter this fantastic, once in a lifetime giveaway. Who knows, you may be one of those lucky few chosen to win this special conductor’s score!

Be sure to check out Video Games Live on their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.