Without relationships, The Legend of Zelda would be pretty much pointless. In Ocarina of Time, Link would have a hard time getting around if he didn’t have Epona, and where would he be without support from Saria? Link and Zelda are best friends (or perhaps something more) in Skyward Sword.  Yeto the Yeti from Twilight Princess is desperate to help his sick wife recover, and sends Link out to find ingredients to make soup. This week’s Music Monday celebrates the relationships in the Zelda series.

Amanda’s pick

A beautiful young girl with golden hair has Link’s heart, and he has hers. She even gave him her most prized possession. It was her abduction that prompted Link to embark on an epic quest, and that young lady is none other than Aryll, Link’s baby sister from The Wind Waker. I know; it’s surprising that an avid Zelink shipper like myself was able to resist an opportunity to include Link and Zelda, but I thought I’d shake it up a bit. The incredibly talented Adrisaurus delivers a sweet arrangement of Aryll’s Theme with vocals and lyrics.

Morgan’s pick

Although Zelda may not be present in every Zelda game, her relationship with Link is one of the foundations of the franchise. Whether it be in Ocarina of TimeThe Wind Waker, or Skyward Sword, their relationship has helped shape the series into what it has become today. Their relationship in Skyward Sword is particularly close, setting the basis of the game’s story and is the closest the two characters have ever been to being romantically involved.

There is a moment in Skyward Sword that is incredibly touching, and that is when Zelda finally awakens from her thousand-year-old crystal sleep that held Demise’s seal in place. As she awakens, Link is there to greet her. She begins to stumble, but Link is quickly there to catch her. The screen then suspiciously fades to white, and Zelda says “Good morning… Link…” They then walk out of the room holding hands, smiling. Why did the screen fade to white? Did they in fact finally kiss? I like to imagine that they did, but Nintendo simply did not want to show it on-screen. Link and Zelda’s relationship in Skyward Sword drives the story of the game, and this moment in particular hints at their potential romantic involvement.

As a fellow Zelink shipper, I couldn’t help but think of this moment when I thought of relationships in the Zelda series. That is why my choice for this Music Monday is the music that accompanies this special scene, the Skyward Sword version of “Zelda’s Lullaby.”