Although Link is merely a knight in training in Hyrule Warriors, this brand new character trailer from Japan shows that he is a formidable warrior who is not to be meddled with. In the newest trailer, Link wields his sword and shield, as opposed to the rod he used in the demo we posted earlier. Link takes out hordes of enemies, and even shows some impressive swordsmanship skills while facing off against a Lizalfos. We also see his classic sword spin return, although in a bit more dramatic fashion. Even King Dodongo is no match for Link, who uses a Fatal Blow to finish him off! It will be interesting to see what other weapons Link will be able to wield in the game, as we’ve already seen two main weapons that can be equipped.

The trailer ends with a reminder that the game comes out on August 14 in Japan (September 26 in North America), and showcases the Premium and Treasure Box versions of the game. The first includes a Triforce clock, while the latter will include the Triforce clock and Link’s scarf.

With a character trailer being released so early, I wonder if they will showcase any more characters before Hyrule Warriors‘ release?