As a female gamer, it’s nice having the option to play as a girl. I love immersing myself into the story and understanding the character’s motives. When I play as a girl, I am more likely to connect with and become that character.

Not only does Hyrule Warriors feature a large cast of playable female characters, but the women in the game are strong and perfectly capable of holding their own.

The game’s development producer, Yosuke Hayasahi, talks with Polygon about transforming Zelda from a dainty daffodil to an able warrior:

“For us, seeing her take shape like that and seeing her develop in that way, it didn’t feel strange, it felt really natural for her to, well of course she can fight like that. Of course she can do those things. So, we feel like maybe she always had that power, and now, with Hyrule Warriors, we’re giving her the chance to show off the power that she always had. So, I personally like strong, fighting women, and we’re happy to say there will be other characters like that, other strong female characters in the game.”

“I personally like strong, fighting women, and we’re happy to say there will be other characters like that.”

Zelda, Midna and Impa have all been announced as playable characters, and with more on the way I’m certainly looking forward to meeting the rest of Hyrule’s heroines.


  • Tanner/Goodbye18000

    Strong female characters? HURR–
    Oh, but no, you can see Cia’s boobs.

    Das sexist. BOYCOTT THIS GAME.

    • SweetMedley

      *sigh* I feel the same way. I hate Cia’s design, Zelda was the one thing I could go to without feeling objectified and now THAT’S being taken away from me :c Not buying this game. Nope.

      • VladNorris

        So not realizing the sarcastic implications of this comment….or that the Legend of Zelda has already sexualized characters in the past…

        • SweetMedley

          Well regardless of what they might have meant, I was serious. In the past when characters were sexualized it was pretty easy to ignore simply because either the graphics weren’t good and they didn’t look even remotely human XD or you could look past it because they had great character or weren’t someone you’d see all the time so you could ignore them.
          All I’m saying is I get enough of this kind of thing on ads, TV, and giant billboards. I really don’t need it in a game! So I won’t be buying Hyrule Warriors.

          • I feel you girl. If you’re going to be into Japanese media, it’s kind of the trade-off. You get well-rounded female personas in completely unrealistic bodies. I mean I love my manga/anime, but they love to sexualize every girl character over the age of 12. Until the world stops pandering to nerds and their apparent NEED for tiny outfits and anti-gravity boobs in EVERYTHING…all we can do is complain. I will love to play as Midna omg, but you have to admit her true form’s outfit is a bit flimsy in TP.
            I can let it pass because Link is dreeeeamy and LoZ has never been the most egregious example of straight-dude-pandering. Also–not Canon. hehe.

          • QueenxLink

            You guys seriously need to chill out. It’s just a game. There’s nothing wrong with the human body, male or female. Complaining and not buying one game won’t change anything; people aren’t going to stop designing characters like that, especially if that’s what they want. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sexualizing characters, they’re just letting their imaginations be expressed. Nothing wrong with appreciating the human (especially female) body.

          • Valroy

            I just don’t get why artists need to project their D-Cup fetish into so many sci fi or fantasy creations. Don’t know why people are so quick to defend it, either. Some silly men got it in their heads that a powerful woman is one that is sexually unobtainable, not one that looks like she could actually swing the weapon she yields.
            I’ll be satisfied when my guy friends are squirming uncomfortably on the couch because all the male avatars have impossibly large buldges and I can say “Appreciate the male form! What? Does that make you uncomforatble?”
            Actually, it’ll just cause the same eye-rolling reaction as all the cleavage. Because it’s just pandering.

        • hollander

          Didn’t expect you on ZU,
          you also member?

          • VladNorris

            Well, I’m subscribed to the facebook page, so in a sense, yeah.

          • hollander

            Pretty annoying
            I can’t reponse in Theories
            because I don’t have the privileges/??!

      • Anthony Moseley

        I feel like people are taking the whole “bewbz?!?!? in my zelda game?!?!?!” thing way too far. It’s just a game. No one complains when male characters are shirtless, but the first sign that a female character has of a revealing outfit, and all the feminists go crazy over it. If you’re not buying the game, then fine, Nintendo doesn’t need your narrow-minded support.

      • Reece Heather

        If you look at the Dynasty Warriors series (which is what the Zelda series merged with to create Hyrule Warriors), you’ll notice that there are plenty of shirtless, muscle-bound men characters. With that in mind, I don’t think there’s any reason to assume that Tecmo have sexist intent here.

        Some people, men and women, real or fictional, simply like to dress revealingly. Bayonetta, for example, changes her hair and appearance not because she’s being “objectified”, but simply because she’s likes to be fashionable. She’s also a completely badass and incredibly powerful fighter. What if this happens to be part of Cia’s personality too? It’s not an unusual attribute for a villain, particularly those of a seductive nature.

        I don’t personally think character designs should be compromised against the creator’s vision. If you think about it, having every character ever be properly and fully clothed would actually limit variety and imagination — not the other way round.

        Not trying to swerve your opinion, of course; just something to consider. 😀

        • Amanda

          Reece I totally agree. Some people just like to be fashionable or sexy or whatever. Those same people may also be totally badass. It’s just part of the character.

          If I were to do a character analysis of Cia, I would say she chooses to use seduction as a tactic in order to achieve her goals.

        • JaidynReiman

          I used to hate sexualization more, but I’m starting to come to term with the notion that sexualization isn’t so bad as long as they don’t have it so lopsided towards women being sexualized. Having both sexualized men and women balances it out, but most games don’t do that.

      • Jay

        Why would you feel objectified over this? ONE character in the game
        chooses to dress in a revealing way is not objectifying women. Dressing
        in a sexual way is as much of a woman’s right as dressing modestly. When
        people are upset that EVERY girl in a game is in revealing clothes, I
        totally understand why they dislike it. That’s too much. But it’s just
        as sexist to say that ANY women in revealing clothes is unacceptable. Having a variety of women is exactly what we have been fighting for in terms of equal rights, is it not?

    • hollander

      Yeah indeed wayyy to erotic,

  • Roman Monaghan

    Apparently whoever decided on this headline didn’t read the plot summery that says Zelda is still gonna be kidnapped to motivate Link after the first level or two =P

    • True Davad

      Where does it say that? Are you just making that up? Probably since they mothered to make her playable.

    • JaidynReiman

      No, that’s a red herring. It was stated during the E3 treehouse that Zelda wasn’t actually kidnapped and is actually actively fighting on her own.

  • Vladislak

    I hate to be “that guy” but aren’t practically all the warriors games the same way? I mean those games are full of female warriors, the fact that the women in this game are strong fighters comes as little surprise to me.

  • CEObrainz

    So far the character designs in this game are more appealing then Link’s model for Zelda U. This could be due to the wider variety of characters we’ve been able to see though, I’m sure that Zelda U will have some stunning things to show off next E3…..

  • Roman Monaghan
    • Trinosaur

      Thank you. This has been on my mind for a while. :[

  • Trinosaur

    I really hate the phrase “strong female character”