The developers of the upcoming Zelda spin-off, Hyrule Warriors, took the time to answer a particularly interesting fan-submitted question on The Legend of Zelda Facebook page. The question reads:

“Will there be a huge battle stage with thousands of cuccos?”

The developers provided an… interesting response to say the least. Cuccos will indeed be making their way into the game (and according to the developers, as is series’ tradition, you do not want to mess with them), but perhaps most interesting is watching series producer Eiji Aonuma perform what can only be described as the “Cucco Dance.” It’s quite humorous watching Aonuma parade around the developers as a Cucco, but it also highlights just how much fun he seems to be having with the development of Hyrule Warriors. You can check out the video and Aonuma’s crazy dance moves below!

  • Ryan Haney

    Awesome! Cucco Revenge Squad.

  • Chad

    lol Can you kill them now though? That’s the big question.

  • Mark

    So normally you’d call a guy like that crazy, but in this case I guess it’d be more appropriate to say that he’s…. Cucco? xD

    Sorry, I’ll leave now.

    • Reece Heather

      I’ve warned you before Mark: you’re banned from using this website forever.

      (Also upvote, but don’t tell anyone).

  • Melena

    I’m so happy about this.

  • Jonathan Payne

    Makes sense to me. After all, everybody knows that Cuccos are the real final boss in the Zelda series.

  • Fuzzylittlebastard

    Aonuma can do whatever he wants!

  • Reece Heather

    I now have no choice but to assume that if you were to threaten Aonuma with a sword, a hundred other cloned Aonumas would appear out of nowhere and fly at you from every angle.

  • Russ

    Cuccos are unkillible because its next to impossible to get a clean sword strike on them, and their layers upon layers of soft feathers make a sword strike from the Master Sword strangely useless and it only pisses them off. They are like, “How dare you ruffle my feathers, son” and then they all go bat****!