E3 is a magical time of year for all video game fans, but this year was uniquely special for Zelda fans; more Hyrule Warriors information was released, the game was playable on the show floor for the first time ever, and we even got our first glimpse of the brand new Zelda for the Wii U. To celebrate this momentous occasion, tumblr user dc9spot created this beautiful piece of artwork showing Link as he appears in the Wii U iteration of The Legend of Zelda. Highlighting his blue attire and magnificent glowing bow, Link looks as ready as ever to take on his foes and save Hyrule once again in this gorgeous piece of fan art.


  • Luca


    • Ryan Haney

      and it didn’t take very long to do it.

      • Nyctale

        You would be surprised by the number of artists who were watching The Digital Event with their stylus in hand, ready to start drawing. I was one of them.

        • justinpr1234

          what did you draw then???

        • Nyctale

          I haven’t posted it yet T.T My graphic tablet started to glitch… again

          • justinpr1234

            oh and btw you didn’t reply to my reply so i heard this late

          • Nyctale

            Yeah I noticed -_-‘

          • justinpr1234


  • Josh Tiller

    Very good artwork!!

    As far is the game is concerned, my guess is that Link’s age with be 14-16 years old.

    • Lotti Sidwell

      I agree. He looks younger than in the past games, but not as young as Young Link…

  • Eve Summers

    Looks a lot better than the actual Link in the trailer…