A small cast of playable characters have been announced for Hyrule Warriors at this year’s E3, and more are sure to be revealed going forward. It also seems that a large portion of these playable characters will be female too! Nintendo Everything observes that in the latest Treehouse stream, one member of the group stated that “at least half” of the playable cast will consist of female characters. They also noted that Hyrule Warriors will have an additional gameplay mode that has yet to be unveiled. We’ll be sure to provide more information as it comes, so stay tuned!

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  • Ixbran

    EEE <3

    So much excitement!

  • Joana Cartageno

    I have not yet bought a Wii U, but it looks like I have not much time left…

  • Ryan Haney

    Right now isn’t it 1 male [Link] to 3 females [Zelda, Impa, Midna]? Doesn’t that mean we will get more males? Which guy do you want to play as? Fierce Deity Link? Groose? It’s a secret to everyone Moblin?

    • veeronic

      I have to admit.. groose would be hysterical… currently hoping for ganondorf somehow though, judging by the trailer it would be tp style.

    • Dusk

      I didn’t know I wanted to play as Groose in a Dynasty Warriors game until you showed up.

    • Me

      Link’s grandma.

      • Ryan Haney

        Link’s Grandma is not a guy.

        • Pedro Vasconcelos

          Link’s grandma is whatever she wants to be and would be happier if you accepted her life choices

    • CEObrainz

      The old man from the first game?

    • Michael James Kennedy



      ok… but seriously, I saw a Goron captain, so how about Darunia or maybe some other Goron.
      why stop there, get a Zora in there, adult Prince Ralis?
      I would love Fierce Deity Oni, but I’m kinda doubting they’ll do that.
      Skull Kid wearing Skull Mask instead of Majora’s Mask.

      I figured when I saw the time/space stuff that Midna would be playable (seeing as she will never ever be in another main series Zelda game ever, because that is simply impossible, sorry, but it’s the truth, I don’t like it either), but I figured they would use her true form to stay with humanoid forms for fighting, but they used her imp form, which makes me think Gorons and other non-humanoid races will be playable as well.

    • Loki

      If fierce deity is in it, he will be an alternate costume for link

      • Ryan Haney

        Fierce Deity Link is two feet taller and more muscular than 12 year old MM Link, so that would be a big modification to the 17 year old Link, or how ever old this HW Link is.

    • Ikk

      Legend of Zelda is a girls game to be honest. Its a quest about a handsome young lad that saves a princess in distress. 90% of the cast of the game are strong female characters that overcome odds without the need for a man.

      • samiare

        Really? Almost every LoZ game is about a princess being capture or usurped and the man that has to save the world for her. There are strong female characters, to be sure, but their purpose in the story is almost always to assist Link or otherwise sacrifice themselves for his quest.

    • Sigourney Ng


  • Guest

    FDL will totally be Lu Bu. Ganondorf can be guan-yu

  • Trinosaur

    This makes me happy 🙂

  • Hollowcake

    Zant! I like his strange style! Him or Skullkid would be awesome!

  • Garrett

    well from what i know, since its a zelda dynasty warriors crossover that means you can play ALL the main characters and enemys, so that means you can play as ganondorf and destroy hyrule or as link and save hyrule, and maby once u beat all the storys and unlock all the characters you can mix and match your personal army generals, so you could have midna and ganon vs zelda and impa and viceversa.

  • Phazite

    I think it could be cool to play as Russell and Ashei from Twilight Princess. They both seem like they could fight, but you never get to see it in TP. Actually one of the disappointing things for me in TP was how the Resistance is shown storming Hyrule Castle after Link towards the end, but are never seen again until the credits. I was hoping for an epic battle. Hopfully they will have another chance here!

  • Keimori

    Hmm, Impa, Zelda, Midna… who else?

    My guesses: Saria, Ruto, Nabooru, Tetra, Hilda, Twinrova, Mallon, Medli.

    I only assume Twinrova in a “Ganondorf is lending his aid for Shia is a threat to his reign” type deal, if that’s what they run with.

    Which brings me to the males additions: Ganondorf, Groose, Mido, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, Alfonzo, Byrne, Linebeck, Ravio, Komali.

  • fm64

    the new game mode is the co-op mode

  • Pedro Vasconcelos

    I hope we see Vaati… Not in his eye-thing form, in his Hylian/Minish form. Well, the eye-thingy is more probable and is better than nothing, but I’d rather see the humanoid form.