Yesterday we reported on Eiji Aonuma’s Miiverse post that discussed how the graphics for Zelda for Wii U trailer were rendered in-game. However, according to NeoGAF, the Miiverse post contained a small bit of text that was not translated into the English version, and thus was quite easy to miss. In the original Japanese Miiverse post, Aonuma included a bit of text in which he mentions that he would like for people to be able to play Zelda Wii U at E3 2015 next year.

This news is exciting itself, but it also has an implication regarding the release date of Zelda Wii U. The trailer mentioned a 2015 release date, and with Aonuma’s wishes to have the game playable at next year’s E3, it’s incredibly likely that the game will be released during the second half of the year, possibly closer to the holiday season. So it looks like we will have to wait a while until we can get our hands on Zelda Wii U. Let’s just hope that the game doesn’t experience any unforeseen delays. Fingers crossed.