Yesterday we reported on Eiji Aonuma’s Miiverse post that discussed how the graphics for Zelda for Wii U trailer were rendered in-game. However, according to NeoGAF, the Miiverse post contained a small bit of text that was not translated into the English version, and thus was quite easy to miss. In the original Japanese Miiverse post, Aonuma included a bit of text in which he mentions that he would like for people to be able to play Zelda Wii U at E3 2015 next year.

This news is exciting itself, but it also has an implication regarding the release date of Zelda Wii U. The trailer mentioned a 2015 release date, and with Aonuma’s wishes to have the game playable at next year’s E3, it’s incredibly likely that the game will be released during the second half of the year, possibly closer to the holiday season. So it looks like we will have to wait a while until we can get our hands on Zelda Wii U. Let’s just hope that the game doesn’t experience any unforeseen delays. Fingers crossed.

  • craZ

    Aww man, oh well. If they do a Treehouse event like this E3, wemay get to see dome of that Zelda.

  • Docforexit347

    Delayed until 2017……..I hate waiting so lloonngg

  • Ryano

    Wow…I hope for Nintendo’s sake that this is playable a year from now!

    We were told exactly one year ago that Zelda U was ready to show back then… if that’s the case then there is no reason why it shouldn’t be playable in a year. No delays this time Nintendo, please!

  • Tygr300

    i know nintendo and i wasn’t even counting on this game being released 2015… but i HOPE so. perfection needs time.

  • Peter Subramanian

    I’d like to see more screenshots or character designs before the next E3. 🙁

    • Melody

      I hope we do. I must say Nintendo was very sparing on Zelda news this E3. . . Though I had my eyes open for a MM world either remake/retelling/ or sequel and that tech demo we saw so maybe I was a bit let down. But that is Nintendo for ya. And I have never came to disagree with their decisions(yet!) And love all but one Zelda. So my guess is something will come out : maybe special vids or pics with Hyrule warriors?

      • Ceres Leaf

        You do know they played Hyrule Warriors live on Treehouse right ? and not just once.
        Also, while I also want a MM remake, people should stop hyping themselves up, you will only get dissapointed when it doesnt show up, serious some guys were ounting down to that mystery game because they were sure it would be Majora’s Mask.

        Also Which zelda is the one you dont like ?

  • Anthony Moseley

    Bah. I don’t wanna wait so long!!!!

  • Melody

    I’m willing to wait that long for them to work on that huge world and puuurty graphics;) and of course what looks to be fun game play.

  • Melody

    Well if this is delayed maybe it’ll be in favor for an in between release? Here’s hoping!

  • Ryan Haney

    I’m ready for it to be buyable now, but like Tygr300 said, you can’t rush perfection. A fully explorable Hyrule won’t be built in a day.

    • Nathanael Noll

      Yes, but it has been in the works since 2011!

      • Jude Mathis

        I wouldn’t mind if they delayed it until early 2016 if it meant that it would be that much better. It wouldn’t be good for the Wii U in terms of sales, but it would be in their best interest to release a Zelda game with the quality they are always known to have!

    • Nathanael Noll

      Yes, but it has been in the works since 2011!

  • norebo

    Bah, I’m getting old.
    And the Wii U too, Nintendo.
    You needed to release a new Zelda and/or Metroid as soon as possible. It’s not that Captain Toad or Yoshi Whooly Whatever will save the console, you know.
    I’m excited for what -little- I saw, and I understand that big game takes big time, but COME ON! This game has been in the works since 2011! 2011-2015 is an ENORMOUS time gap, one can easily go bankrupt in 4 years (except of course they’ve got the 3DS who’s currently printing money, otherwise they’d be pretty much screwed).

    • Jude Mathis

      Four years to finish a game that should be the quality of a classic amazing Zelda game doesn’t seem like too long of a wait for me. It would have been better for them if they could have finished it earlier for the Wii U’s sake, but when has poor sales ever stopped them from taking all the time they need to produce any of their first party games?

      Bankrupt? Lol. You need to go back and take a look at how much money they have saved up in the bank, especially after how many Wii consoles they sold during the previous generation! If you think they could possibly go bankrupt from 2011-2015, you really need to stop thinking so cynically…

      • norebo

        Four years FOR NOW. Let’s see how many delays it will suffer.
        Bankrupt lol indeed, as I specified earlier I’m aware of the gynormous amount of money the handheld devices + freaking Pokémon everywhere + the Wii have brought to the company. I just fear that the Wii U will pass down as N°1 “wasted potential consoles Top 5” in future youtube videos, if you know what I mean. 😛

        • Jude Mathis

          It’s probably going to be coming out during the holidays in 2015, but I wouldn’t mind if it was pushed back into Q1 of 2016. As long as the quality of the game’s amazing just like any other Zelda game, I don’t think it will be too big of a deal.

          I really hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did in some people’s eyes. Let’s just hope for the best in these next few years! =D

    • Ceres Leaf

      You know, I agree I want a new Metroid, especially after Other M, however to shaft games like Toad and Yoshi for it would be bad.
      Seriously, Nintendo isnt just Mario, Zelda and Pokemon.
      And even then, with all due respect, Metroid isnt going to save the Wii-U either.

      Also Wind Waker > Twilight Princess > Skyward Sword all took several years to develop too, so this was to be expected.
      The only reason why MM followed OOT up that fast was because Nintendo used most of the art from OOT, development, be it art wise or story wise is just that time consuming

      • norebo

        that’s not entirely true. MM: 2000, TWW: 2003, TP: 2006. That’s just a 3 year space, filled with a lot of handheld Zelda inbetween and a lot of other franchises as well constantly releasing (Mario, Metroid, Pokémon etc).
        It’s just from Skyward Sword onward that Nintendo has taken this weird habit of working on one game at a time; if you think about it, this philosophy is relatively new to the company.

        And of course I didn’t mean other minor franchises like Yoshi or Kirby should be abandoned. It’s just that the Wii U is in desperate need of attention. Heck, I consider myself a huge N fan, but I still don’t own a Wii U; I’m waiting for some big games to come out before I even consider buying it (it’s all about money after all), and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • Strangepie

    dang it….

  • Błażej Wiliński

    It’s simple. Games playable before E3 aren’t as important and wanted as these which will be playable after Expo. Nintendo wants win E3 2015, so Zelda U will be playable on it and release date will be after this event. Which other game would be better to success?? I think anyone other Wii U game is as good as will be Zelda.

    Sorry for bad English 🙂