Collector’s Corner is a new feature here at Zelda Universe. It started after we asked fans to send in photos of their Zelda merchandise collections on Facebook, and quickly discovered that there are some truly impressive collections out there. A lot of merchandise related to the Zelda games has been released over the 28 years since the first game’s release, and some of it has made its way into the homes of collectors all around the world. Our first feature was the collection of Ikhana from Norway, while today’s comes from Palestine. We chatted with Muayiad Mohammad about his collection and how he became a Zelda fan.

Zelda merchandise collection

Name: Muayiad Mohammad

Country: Palestine

Favorite Zelda Game: A Link to the Past

First of all, how did you get into Zelda?

How I got into Zelda is pretty funny. I asked my mom to get me a SNES for my birthday. So she did, but at the time of release, the SNES had two bundles. One had Zelda, the other had Mario World. I wanted Mario World. She messed up and got Zelda. I was all like, “No mom, not this stupid game, I wanted Mario,” at first I had no idea what Zelda was. Then I popped it in for the first time, got stuck in the first part of the game where you have to find the hole to fall down in and get the sword from your uncle. I got stuck for a good two hours. Then I knew, this is the game I wanted. I wanted a real challenge. Not a Mario game. Ever since then I got hooked.

Zelda merchandise collection

What’s your fondest memory of playing Zelda?

Fondest memory of Zelda would have to be Majora’s Mask‘s Stone Temple. That area is just amazing. The music, the temple, the whole area is just mind-blowing.

What inspired you to start collecting?

I actually joined the whole collecting thing late. The first item I got was the Link on Epona First 4 Figures figure. After that I was like, “I gotta get them all.”

Zelda merchandise collection

What’s your most prized item?

My most prized item would have to be the Link on Epona statue. Because that was the first one I got, and that was the one that let me start my collection.

Where do you obtain most of the items that you collect?

I obtain most them off of eBay or Amazon. Also from Nintendo Club and GameStop PowerUp Rewards.

How do you store or display your collection?

I place them all in the living room; that way anyone who comes over gets mesmerized by their beauty.

Zelda merchandise collection

Is your collection complete?

My collection is far from complete; every time something new comes out or I see something I don’t have, I’ll be there to get it.

Zelda merchandise collection

Zelda merchandise collection

Zelda merchandise collection

Zelda merchandise collection

If you collect Legend of Zelda merchandise, take a photo of your collection and send it to our Facebook page. Your collection might just end up in the next Collector’s Corner.