A couple of weeks ago we shared a photo on our Facebook page that a fan had sent us of her Zelda collection. At the same time we put out a call for others to share theirs. The response was overwhelming and we quickly discovered that there are some truly impressive collections of Legend of Zelda merchandise out there. We’ve decided to showcase some of these collections in a new feature called Collector’s Corner. One of the first people to send in photos over Facebook was Ikhana, who said that she thought she might have one of the world’s biggest Zelda collections. The pictures that accompanied her message were incredible, and they were quickly liked and shared when we added them to the page. This makes her the perfect person to start this new feature with.

Zelda merchandise collection

Name: Ikhana

Country: Norway

Favorite Zelda game: Majora’s Mask

How did you become a Zelda fan? I’ve been a Zelda fan ever since I first started playing it back in 1994 or so. Me and my little brother got A Link to the Past for SNES as a Christmas present, and we were both amazed and fascinated by this mysterious legend.

What’s your fondest memory of playing Zelda?

1. Sitting alone in the cold and dark basement of my parents’ house, playing Majora’s Mask for the first time on the N64.

2. After school in sixth or seventh grade, me and my at-the-time best friend Hilde would be sitting in front of the TV having a fishing competition at the Fishing Pond in Ocarina of Time.

Do you remember what the first piece that started your collection was? Yes, I bought some Phantom Hourglass figures and the big Link plushie from eBay in 2008. I’d never tried eBay and PayPal before, but it was surprisingly fun and easy. And so, the insane shopping began.

ebay shopping 2008

How often do you buy (or obtain) new items? Too often. At least once a week. I spend at least one hour a day searching for stuff, preferably in the morning before I go to work and in the evening before I go to sleep.

What type of Zelda items do you collect? Anything Zelda, but not something that’s homemade or “unofficial”. My collection consists mostly of stuff, not games. I haven’t really started collecting different languages and regions of the games yet, but I’ll get there. I have however gotten a lot of the collector’s/limited/special editions of the Zelda games.

Zelda merchandise collection

What’s your most prized item? Right now: The Twilight Princess GameCube prototype controller. I bought it off eBay in 2012. The seller of the auction stated there were only two in existence. The creator/designer of the controller on the other hand, only knows about this one piece. And he was kind enough to send me his autograph when I contacted him! I’ve framed it and put it next to the controller in my Ikea glass cabinet.

Zelda merchandise collection

How do you store or display your collection? I’d previously had a small amount of it displayed in some shelves at my old apartment, but most of it was stored away in boxes. Collecting this way was not fun. It was almost depressing. So during the summer vacation last year, I spend a lot of time putting all of my Zelda stuff into my childhood room at my parents’ house. I’m so glad they were okay with this, or else I’d still be collecting in boxes, or not collecting at all.

Also, I’m trying to get some sort of overview of every Zelda item I own, by taking pictures and writing info about them at an amateur homepage I’m making. So far it’s looking… really stupid and pink. I’ll probably just publish it this summer, although I’m not even 5% done.

Zelda merchandise collection

Zelda merchandise collection

Zelda merchandise collection
Is your collection complete? No, I don’t think it’ll ever be complete. Not even if Nintendo stops making Zelda games. There’s just too much stuff out there. I don’t even have the half it, believe it or not.

Zelda merchandise collection

Zelda merchandise collection
Zelda merchandise collection
Zelda merchandise collection

Zelda merchandise collection

If you collect Legend of Zelda merchandise take a photo of your collection and send it into our Facebook page. Your collection might just end up in the next Collector’s Corner.

  • Vladislak

    ♪If I had a million dollars!♪

  • Björn Blizzard Frykmo

    that belongs to a museum!!! 🙁

  • Sdudyoy

    I call my self a huge Zelda fan, Zelda is my favorite video game franchise, a Zelda game is my favorite video game of all, I’ve played and finished almost every Zelda game, but there is no way I could ever want such a huge collection of Zelda items, I don’t mind other people collecting stuff, but I can’t imagine collecting so much of anything.

    • Zaptoid

      Which games haven’t you beat? Just curious.

      • Sdudyoy

        I’ve played Zelda II but I haven’t finished it, I haven’t been able to play the Oracle series or Links awakening, as I don’t have any way of playing old Gameboy games, I don’t really count the CDi games but I haven’t played them either, nor do I intend to.

        • Skull Kid

          You HAVE to play Link’s Awakening! That game is amazing! If you have a 3DS, which I’m assuming you do since it looks like you’ve played ALBW, you should at least get it on the eShop.

        • Zaptoid

          I cheated with 3DS restore points, used a walkthrough, but I managed to beat Zelda II. Now, I just gotta finish Skyward Sword, and get the Minish Cap, Four swords Adventures, and Majora’s Mask.

          • Sdudyoy

            Minish cap is my favorite 2D Zelda game, there’s just somthing so charming about it, It’s not as hard as others, but it’s still fun, I forgot about Four swords adventures, I haven’t played that one either.

          • Zaptoid

            I’ve heard that the Minish Cap is the best 2D Zelda game, and so far, it’s the only game left I can get on any of the game systems I have. I’m gonna play it on my very, very beat up DS.

          • Beth McCrossan

            When you get Majora, remember to get EVERY mask going – 24 in all. Some, you wont be able to avoid, but there are plenty of ‘optionals’. Trust me, with all the masks, and I think full magic, the final boss is easy as anything. You wont lose as much as a single heart. I’m holding off from completing Skyward Sword, because, if I’m not done, I’m -technically- not waiting for the new game. As soon as I get a release date I’ll polish it off….. I’m a weirdo, aren’t I?

  • Daniele Colonnese

    Pfft… Where’s the real gold GBA SP? Noob.

    :goes crying in a corner:

  • Robert Beauchamp

    Please tell me she’s going to call her website Ikhana Valley.

    • Ikhana

      I was thinking more like “Ikhana Kingdom”.

      • Robert Beauchamp

        Even better 🙂

  • CEObrainz

    I want that room…..how much?

  • jksteiner1974

    Finally! A place for rich zelda fans to rub their wealth in the other fans’ faces!

    • ForcedUser


      I have a job. I buy things. I collect. I make priority of it over other purchases and expenses.

      I’m not rich because I have a collection. I just spend my money differently.

      Why so quick to judge?

  • True

    Wanna see my collection? *holds up a few games*
    I have almost every single game but……woah…

  • Saw this on ZD awhile back, but it still makes my jaw drop at how amazing this collection is

  • Essence Of The Triforce


    • dat guy

      ZD FOR DA WIN!!

      • Essence Of The Triforce


  • Maester Seymour

    “Also, I’m trying to get some sort of overview of every Zelda item I own”
    Good luck with that.

    • Ikhana

      Haha, thanx. XD

      • another collector

        I love your collection but I think it’s greedy of you and selfish to other collectors when you have more than one of an extremely limited item. I’m specifically referring to the three VERY rare triforce pins and the statues on top of your first 4 case on the right. There are only a few of each of these items in existence but you’re hoarding multiple copies for yourself.

        • Ikhana

          You wanna know why I have multiple of things? So I can trade them to other Zelda-collectors. =) You’ll see that in my future collection-site, as I’m making a “For Trade” section there.

          I agree on the rarity of the pins. The E3 Link statue however, is not as rare as you think. X) There’s 2 on Ebay right now.

          • another collector

            Well Excuuuuuse me, princess!

            Sorry, never has that reply been more applicable for me. I never even considered that maybe you weren’t actually hoarding these items.

            I only see one statue and his hat is chipped, I wouldn’t even consider bidding on a damaged one.

            My apologies for sounding angry in my previous post. I really thought you were keeping all 3 pins.

            As to only having about half of everything that’s available. I’d say, from what I know, you’re more at about 70%-80% of everything if you aren’t going to collect clothing.

          • fm64

            all my life i’ve dreamed with a first4figures figure, and well, half of the stuff you own.
            I don’t think I have something you don’t, but when you make that trade section, I’ll be happy to trade (buy(?)) with you!
            i don’t have almost anything from Europe

          • fm64

            the only thing’s i’ve got to trade are the Master replica Master sword and Hylian shield, one impa with horse (no Zelda), and an extra PH link plushie and an extra WW HD pack, that’s pretty much it. (these are some of my things, sorry if the figures appear too small in the pic)


  • Breanna Cook


  • Breanna Cook

    I WILL LOVE TO BE MIDNA OR ZELDA ON TWILIGHT PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Breanna Cook

    You should play skyward sword, twilight princess, and ocarina of time. I will love to get Majoras mask to.